Feldberger Haussee

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Feldberger Haussee
View to the lake Feldberger Haussee from Reiherberg.jpg
Geographical location District of Mecklenburg Lake District
Drain to the wide Luzin
Places on the shore Feldberg
Coordinates 53 ° 20 '30 "  N , 13 ° 26' 55"  E Coordinates: 53 ° 20 '30 "  N , 13 ° 26' 55"  E
Feldberger Haussee (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)
Feldberger Haussee
Altitude above sea level 84.3  m above sea level NHN
surface 1.31 km²
length 1.911 km
width 861 m
volume 8,150,000 m³
Maximum depth 12.5 m
Middle deep 4.9 m
PH value 8.9
Catchment area 5.3 km²
Feldberger Seen + Abflusswege.png
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The Feldberger Haussee is a eutrophic lake in the Mecklenburg Lake District in eastern Mecklenburg.


The lake is located in the Feldberger Seenlandschaft nature park in the municipality of the same name, northeast of the main town of Feldberg .


The Feldberger Haussee was created during the Vistula Ice Age . It is embedded as a glacial tongue basin lake in a terminal moraine area .


The lake has an approximate length of 1.91 kilometers and an approximate width of 860 meters and an average depth of around five meters. It is divided into three basins, the north basin with a maximum depth of 12 meters with the island of Grabenwerder and the Liebesinsel, the city basin with a maximum depth of 9 meters and the small house lake with a maximum depth of 10 meters, which runs through the Amtswerder peninsula is separated from the city basin. Chalk was once mined on the islands in the north basin. The southernmost part of the Kleiner Haussee is known as the dairy bay because a dairy cooperative was founded in Feldberg in 1888.


The lake was heavily eutrophied by the discharge of urban sewage and especially by the sewage from the dairy . This condition did not change until 1980 by building a ring sewer, by the later connection to Feldberg to the sewage network and the biomanipulation (use of predators) between 1985 and 1999. The lake is on the widths Luzin drained after the water lilies channel for Narrow Luzin due the excessive eutrophication in 1969 was interrupted by a dam.


To the east of the Kleiner Haussee there are various private water plots, and at the dairy bay there is an allotment garden, the gardens of which do not extend to the water. On the southern third of the Amtswerder peninsula, there are also private water plots at the Kleiner Haussee and the city basin. On the other two thirds of the Amtswerders there is a floating stage at the Kleiner Haussee, which is mainly used for national and international water skiing events. There is a bathing area each on the north (north basin) and on the south-west bank (city basin) of the northern Amtswerder. There are also several sports facilities there.

The western part of the Amtswerder is joined by the center of Feldberg, which is located directly on the city basin. Here you will find again private water plots but also hotels directly on the lake and a public boat dock. The city park also follows to the northwest with a public boat dock. Followed by private properties, a specialist clinic and, in turn, private properties up to the youth hostel. To the north-east of the Liebesinsel is the Feldberger Hut and the seat of the Luzin Feldberg water ski club (WSC Luzin). Otherwise the lake is used for fishing.


Common fish species are: eel , pike , pikeperch , perch , roach , ruff , lead , tench and bleak , crucian carp , white bream , three-spined stickleback , carp , silver carp and catfish are rare . The American crayfish is native to the lake as a crustacean .

House lake from the Feldberger Ufer. The photo shows the city basin. From left to right you can see the city park, the specialist clinic, the transition to the north basin and the bathing area on the southwest bank of the Amtswerder. One of the notches in the forest is the location where the picture was taken at the top right.

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