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Frank Stern (born January 27, 1944 in Tapiau , East Prussia , today Russia ) is a German historian and cultural scientist . His focus is on German-Jewish and Austrian-Jewish literary and film history .


In 1963, Stern began studying German and General and Jewish History at the Free University of Berlin (FU Berlin). From 1964 to 1967 he completed a bachelor's degree in political science, English and American literature, and Jewish history at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem . He then completed his master's degree in political science, from 1967 to 1970, again at the Free University of Berlin. There he got a position as an assistant in the department of sociology, where he taught cultural and social history until 1974.

From 1974 to 1983, Stern worked as a lecturer in adult education institutions in Berlin. At the same time he acted as publisher and editor-in-chief of the theoretical magazine “Konsequent”, which was published by the SEW party executive . In 1984 he began a doctorate in history at Tel Aviv University , where he also held a lectureship in German and European history from 1985. He completed his studies in 1989 with a dissertation on “In the Beginning was Auschwitz: Anti-Semitism and Philosemitism in the Post-War”, which was also translated into English. The lectureship was followed in 1990 by an assistant professorship at the Department of History.

In 1992 he was a visiting professor in the Jewish Studies Program at Indiana University in Bloomington , and in 1992/1993 a visiting professor at the Institute for Contemporary History at the University of Innsbruck . In 1993, Stern moved back to Tel Aviv University, where he was assistant professor at the Department of History until 1995. This was followed by another visiting professorship in the USA, at the Department of Germanic Languages ​​at Columbia University .

Starting in 1996, Stern worked for a long time at Ben Gurion University. First as an assistant professor in the Department of History with a focus on German and European cultural history and from 1997 as a professor for modern German and European history. Until 2004, Stern was also director of the Austro-German course and the Center for German Studies.

During this time, he was visiting professor at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz , where he worked in the Faculty of Comparative Literature in 1998, and then in 1999 for the first time at the Institute for Contemporary History at the University of Vienna . As a professor (1999 to 2001) of the Overseas Students Program at Ben-Gurion University with a focus on German-language, European and American film, further guest professorships took him to Georgetown University in Washington, DC in 1999 , where he studied "Politics and Culture" at the Center for German and European Studies and at the School of Foreign Service and at the Humboldt University Berlin , where he taught Jewish culture and history at the Department of Cultural Studies in 2000. Later that year, he taught at Achva College in Israel, a special academic program in adult education.

In 2002, Stern was visiting professor at the European degree program at the Ruhr University Bochum , a fellow at the Moses Mendelssohn Center at the University of Potsdam and visiting professor for Jewish studies at the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg . In 2003, Stern was again given a visiting professorship at the Institute for Contemporary History at the University of Vienna. From 2002 to 2003 he was the acting chair of the department for film and television art at Sapir College in Sderot , Israel, with a focus on German-language film and historical film analysis .

Since 2004 Stern has been professor for visual history and cultural history at the Faculty of History and Cultural Studies at the University of Vienna. Together with Bella Makagon and Klaus Davidowicz , Stern has been running the Vienna Jewish Film Club since 2008, which regularly holds film screenings and panel discussions in the Metro cinema .

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