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Friedrich Nikolaus Johann Peter Genzken (born March 12, 1817 in Rostock ; † November 3, 1875 in Stargard ) was a German lawyer and member of the Frankfurt National Assembly .


Friedrich Genzken was born as the son of the pastor and later cathedral provost at Ratzeburg Cathedral , Carl Genzken (1784–1858), and his wife Christine Benedikta Elisabeth, née. Thoms (1790-1848). Ernst Genzken (1811–1882) was his older brother.

Genzken studied law from 1837 to 1842 in Heidelberg , Göttingen and from May 1841 at the University of Rostock , where he received his doctorate in 1842. jur. received his doctorate. In Heidelberg he joined the Corps Guestphalia Heidelberg in 1838 . From 1842 to 1847 he was an official auditor in Schönberg (Mecklenburg) . In 1847 he became city ​​judge in Wesenberg (Mecklenburg) , which he remained until 1868. Then in 1868 he moved to Burg Stargard as city judge, where he also held the office of mayor and stayed until his death.

Genzken was elected to the National Assembly for the 1st constituency ( Neustrelitz ) of the Mecklenburg-Strelitz region , to which he belonged from May 18, 1848 to September 29, 1849. Because his leave of absence from the office of city judge in Wesenberg was not extended, Genzken returned to Wesenberg in October. In Frankfurt he was initially a member of the casino faction , soon switched to the middle center of the “Landsberg” faction . He did not appear as a speaker. Genzken was also active as a political and legal writer.


In 1848 Genzken published the marginal glosses on the paper by Herr von Oertzen on the possibility of the Mecklenburg Union (against Jasper von Oertzen ) continuing to exist on the question of the constitutional relationship between the two grand duchies, as had been determined in the Hamburg settlement in 1701 .

Together with Theodor Scharenberg , Genzken edited departments 1 and 2

  • Collection of laws for the Mecklenburg-Strelitzische Lande (excluding the Principality of Ratzeburg). 3 Dept., 1858–1885.
Dept. 1: Church and school supplies. 1858 ( digitized versionhttp: //vorlage_digitalisat.test/ 3D ~ PUR% 3D )
Dept. 2: Judicial Matters. 2 vols., 1859-1860.
Vol. 1: Civil Law. 1859. ( digitized versionhttp: //vorlage_digitalisat.test/ 3D ~ PUR% 3D )
Vol. 2: Civil Proceß, Criminal Law and Penal Proceß, Forest Justice Matters. 1860. ( digitized versionhttp: //vorlage_digitalisat.test/ 3D ~ PUR% 3D )


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