Friedrich von Dreger

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Friedrich Dreger , from 1734 von Dreger , (born October 3, 1699 in Greifenberg ; † August 26, 1750 in Berlin ) was a civil servant in the Prussian province of Pomerania . He is best known for his publications of documents on the history of Pomerania .


Friedrich Dreger came from a family of lawyers based in Greifenberg. He was enrolled at the University of Rostock on February 29, 1720 . From 1724 he was tax at the court in Köslin . In 1730 he was a war councilor , then in 1733 a councilor . With a diploma of October 21, 1734 he was raised to the Prussian nobility. In the same year he was appointed director of the Köslin court . In 1735 he went to Stettin to work for the provincial government. From 1738 he was a war and domain councilor in Pomerania . In 1745 he acquired several goods in the districts of Cammin and Pyritz . In 1747 he took his leave, but in 1748 he became the castle and official governor and chamber director of Prince Friedrich Wilhelm zu Schwedt . In 1749 he came to the General Management in Berlin as a secret finance, war and domain councilor . In 1750 he acquired further properties in the Neustettin and Belgard districts .

In addition to his work as an official, he dealt with extensive work on Pomeranian history. He wrote his main work, the "Codex diplomaticus" (1748), using all the state archives. Dreger only saw the publication of the first volume with documents until 1269. After his death in 1750, 11 folio volumes came into the possession of the Marienstiftsgymnasium in Szczecin . In 1768 the historian Johann Carl Conrad Oelrichs published an edited and supplemented new edition of Dreger's “Codex” and other parts of his document collection from 1795 onwards.


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Individual evidence

  1. See the entry of Friedrich Dreger's matriculation in the Rostock matriculation portal