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Communities of Jerusalem at Vespers in Groß St. Martin in Cologne

The brothers and sisters of the communities of Jerusalem ( French Fraternités monastiques de Jérusalem , abbreviation FMJ) are an association of different communities, consisting of priests, friars and sisters and lay people worldwide.

History and religious life

The communities were created as a result of the renewal movement of the Second Vatican Council on the initiative of the Archbishop of Paris François Cardinal Marty . In 1975 he commissioned Pierre-Marie Delfieux , then a student chaplain at the Sorbonne , to create a community that would bring the spirituality of desert solitude, as lived by Charles de Foucauld , into the hearts of cities. The religious rule of the communities is laid down in the book of life (Livre de vie) written by Delfieux in 1978 . "The desert is also in the city today [...] Be a city dweller with the city dwellers today."

The brothers and sisters work part-time in one profession for a living, while the other half of the day is devoted to contemplative prayer and fellowship. Since their spirituality is based on life in the big city, they establish their communities in the heart of large metropolises and also in places of pilgrimage . With their solemn, meditative liturgy of the Liturgy of the Hours , influenced by the Eastern Church , they are often spiritual centers there. The basis for the life of the community is the Jerusalem Book of Life .

The communities of Jerusalem always consist of a community of sisters and a brotherhood in one place, where they live separately for rent, but celebrate their services together.

The Jerusalem communities in 2007 had around 200 members from 30 different countries. The lay communities “Family of Jerusalem” connected to the community of Jerusalem have about 1000 members in 20 communities (as of 2013).



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