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This list contains abbreviations of the religious orders in the Roman Catholic Church, including the churches connected with it through a union . Sigel (order abbreviation) have been documented since the late Middle Ages. Religious branches for women who joined existing old orders usually adopted their sigils. The abbreviation of the order is placed after the name of the order, either the first name or the combination of first and last names. The abbreviation of the order is a necessary part of the new name / order name as a written form addition. Together with this it can be entered as the religious name in the identity card.










  • JO Ordo Melitensis, Ordo Equitum Hospitalarorum Sancti Johannis de Jerusalem, Order of St. John, s. a. Omel










  • TC Terciarios Capuchinos de Nuestra Señora de los Dolores (Fratres Tertii Ordinis Sancti Francisci Capulatorum a Beata Maria Virgine Perdolente), Capuchin Terziaren of the painful Mother of God, called Amigonians
  • TC (also HTC ) Hermanas Terciarias Capuchinas de la Sagrada Familia, Capuchin Terziarinnen of the Holy Family
  • TChr Societas Christi pro Emigrantibus Polonis, Towarzystwo Chrystusowe dla Polonii Zagranicznej, Society of Christ for Poles Abroad
  • TD Congrégation du Sacré-Cœur
  • TFBA Franciscan Sisters of Blessed Angelina
  • TFSC Franciscans from Waldbreitbach
  • THM Daughters from the Heart of Mary
  • TOCarm Tertius Ordo Fratrum Beatae Mariae Virginis de Monte Carmelo, Karmeliten-Tertiaren (Third Order of the Carmelites)
  • TOF Tertius Ordo Franciscanus, Franciscan Terziaren (I), Third Order of St. Francis, s. a. TOR , OFM , OFMObs , OMRegObs , OFMAlc. , OFS
  • TOPraem Tertius Ordo Praemonstratensis, Praemonstratenser-Terziaren
  • TOR Tertius Ordo Franciscanus regulatus, Franciscan Terziaren (III), Regulated Franciscan Terziaren, Third Order see a. TOF, OFM, OFMAlc, OMRegObs, OFMObs
  • TORCap Tertius Ordinis Regularis Capuccinarum, Tertiariae Cappuccinae, Capuchin Terziarinnen, Capuchin women from III. Order of St. Francis, s. a. OFM u. a.





  • ZCMN Siostry Córki Maryi Niepokalanej, Daughters of the Immaculate Virgin Mary
  • ZSNM Zgromadzenie Sióstr Wspólnej Pracy od Niepokalanej Maryi, Congregation of the Sisters of the Common Work of the Immaculate Virgin Mary

Modes of representation

There are different traditions in the representation of the abbreviations of the order. In German-speaking countries, the abbreviations of the orders are usually written without a point, as in the standard work "The Orders and Congregations of the Catholic Church" by Max Heimbucher; it is different in the Pontifical Yearbook Annuario Pontificio : there it is consistently represented with a point. Some order abbreviations are not uniformly upper or lower case in German.


Individual evidence

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2 St. Lazare in Paris
3 Motherhouse in Milan St. Barnabas
5 Rue de Picpus in Paris
6th and also
7th pius = pious, godly, holy, pure
8th Ludovico Pavoniani
11 after Giampetro Chieti - formerly Theate
13 Alfonso Maria de Liguori (Marianello near Naples)
14thCaraciolo, Francesco; Giovanni Agostino Adorno
15th Lopes Pontes
16 Georgios Fatouros Mechitar (Mekhitar) -Armenia- monasteries in Venice and Vienna
18th founded in Somasca
19th St. Maiolus Church in Pavia
25th Saint Coletta (Coleta, Nicoletta of Corbie)
27 named after the prayer room (oratory) in the priestly house of Ph. Neris
28 near Siena (Mons Acconae)