Georg Philipp Schmidt from Lübeck

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Georg Philipp Schmidt von Lübeck, portrayed by Siegfried Detlev Bendixen
Tomb in Ottensen 1857 (right next to Friedrich Gottlieb Klopstocks )
Schmidt's crypt slab in front of the Christian Church

Georg Philipp Schmidt von Lübeck (born January 1, 1766 in Lübeck , † October 28, 1849 in Ottensen ) was a North German poet .


Philipp Schmidt comes from a long-established Lübeck merchant family. From 1786 to 1790 he studied law and finance first in Jena and then in Göttingen . However, financial circumstances forced him to change the subject and to devote himself to theology . After the death of his parents, who left him a lot of money, Schmidt von Lübeck again changed the subject and place of study; back in Jena, he studied medicine so that he could later “go on long journeys as a doctor”. In Jena he met the poet Sophie Mereau , through whom he was also introduced to Johann Gottfried Herder . In 1797 he was at the University of Kiel to Dr. med. PhD. There followed a period of traveling through Germany until Schmidt von Lübeck became a teacher of commercial science, history and English literature on the island of Funen in 1799 . Three years later he switched to the Danish civil service and worked as secretary to the Minister of State, Finance and Commerce, Ernst Heinrich Graf von Schimmelmann in Copenhagen . In 1806 he rose to become the second director of the Royal Danish Fisheries and Trade Institute in Altona . Other positions were connected with this: Schmidt von Lübeck also became director of the royal bank office, colonial goods interests, administrator of the royal loan institute, member of the exchange committee, ... In 1813 he moved to Kiel as the first administrator of the branch there as a result of the Danish bankruptcy from 1813 newly founded (Danish) Reichsbank. This in turn was linked to the administration of the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein . In 1818 he returned to Altona with the title of royal Danish judiciary and a year later became the first director of a bank there. He did not leave this post until his retirement on February 1, 1829.

In addition to his extensive commercial activities, Schmidt von Lübeck was also active as a writer. He wrote many poems and historical contributions. He had the greatest success with his poems, which his friend Heinrich Christian Schumacher published in 1821. Schmidt von Lübeck produced a third edition while he was still alive. One of his poems - "The Wanderer" - (he himself called it " Des Fremdlings Abendlied ") was set to music by Franz Schubert . It ends with the famous closing verse: "Where you are not there is happiness".



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