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Siegfried Bendixen, chalk drawing by Rudolph Suhrlandt , ca.1832
SD Bendixen: Bishop Ansgar (Protestant main church St. Trinitatis (Altona) )

Siegfried Detlev Bendixen (born November 25, 1786 in Kiel , † 1864 in London ) was a Hamburg painter and graphic artist .


Born in the Duchy of Holstein in the Holy Roman Empire , in which the Danish King ruled as Duke, Bendixen received his first lessons in 1802 as an assistant to the fresco painter Giuseppe Anselmo Pellicia at Gut Emkendorf . After further training in Kiel and Hamburg and a stay in Italy, he studied at the Dresden Art Academy in 1809 and in the history painting class at the Munich Art Academy in 1810 . During a stay in Paris from 1811 to 1812, made possible by the support of Count Friedrich Karl von Reventlow , he joined Jacques-Louis David's training studio on October 9, 1811 and remained there until the end of May 1812.

In 1813 Bendixen settled in Hamburg before moving to London in 1832 . On the recommendation of Friedrich Johann Lorenz Meyers , he initially worked as a drawing teacher at schools of the Patriotic Society from 1765 . In the Hamburg address book you can find him in the 1816 edition as a “portrait painter” with the address “Königstr. 242 M.10 ”, in the edition for the year 1820 as“ artist ”with the address“ kl. Drehbahn no 345 P.10 "and in the edition for the year 1823 with the address" Valentinskamp no 275 ". There it says elsewhere that in this “his house (Valentinskamp no 275)” Bendixen opened a “very non-profit” academy of the drawing arts “in association with several local artists” . Well-known students were among others

Bendixen is said to have come into possession of numerous paintings and hand drawings from the collection of the district court attorney Carl Friedrich Schmidt in 1822 , which he sold over time.

Meaning and works

Bendixen is of importance in art history as the first painter of North German prehistoric monuments. Among other things, he created three etchings from the barrows near Volksdorf and a series of lithographs in 1821 and 1822 depicting antiquities owned by the Patriotic Society of Altonas .

His painting “Christmas 1813 ”, donated in 1817 by the Hamburg office of the millers and their Martins brotherhood, can still be seen today on a pillar between the south and main nave of the Hamburg main church St. Petri . It shows residents of Hamburg who did not have sufficient supplies of food during the French occupation and were therefore concentrated in St. Petri on Christmas Eve before they were driven out of the city at daybreak. Bendixen also drew the template for an etching of the epitaph that the Patriotic Society of 1765 erected in 1815 for the 1138 displaced people who had died of "frost, hunger, misery and epidemics" and were buried in mass graves in Ottensen. See Christianskirche (Ottensen) #Friedrich Rückert: "The graves of Ottensen" .

The life-size depiction of St. Ansgar , completed in 1826, is also by Siegfried Bendixen , which is based on the example of the votive tablet in St. Petri created by Hans Bornemann around 1457 and has been placed in the St. Trinity Church in Hamburg-Altona since 2006 after restoration .

In the St. Peter Church in Krempe (Steinburg district) there is an altar painting by Bendixen from 1832, which depicts the Emmaus scene .

Names according to Bendixen

Bendixensweg in Hamburg-Barmbek and Bendixenstraße in Kiel- Steenbek-Projensdorf .


Other works:

Exhibitions (selection)


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