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1846: Circular letter from the "Direction des Gewerbe-Verein ...", here to the "Local-Gewerbe-Verein zu Dannenberg " regarding a research trip by Friedrich Heeren
Wax seal of the management of the trade association for the Kingdom of Hanover 1846

The trade association for the Kingdom of Hanover was an institution of the Kingdom of Hanover in the 19th century "for the promotion of patriotic industry", which anticipated the functions of the later IHK Hanover and the Hanover Chamber of Crafts . In the early days of industrialization , the association was particularly important because of various trade exhibitions and the suggestion to "found a" higher trade school "(today: Leibniz University )" Hanover.


The forerunner of the association was the "Commission for the Promotion of Agriculture and Industry" formed in 1824. The trade association for the Kingdom of Hanover was founded in 1828 by Landdrost Friedrich Wilhelm von Dachenhausen . Under the chairmanship of the Minister von Meding , the nine-member official commission sought advice from men from the business world, such as the factory owner Bernhard Hausmann . The aim of the association was above all to improve the commercial teaching system, for which the establishment of a higher vocational school was suggested. After the first trade school was approved in 1830 (whose director was "the only 27 year old Karl Karmarsch from Vienna"), "the semi-official trade association" ceased its activities and was replaced in 1834 at Bernhard "Hausmann's suggestion by a private association of the same name . "

The new trade association for the Kingdom of Hanover organized trade exhibitions in Hanover and eleven other cities in the Kingdom of Hanover (within the boundaries of today's state of Lower Saxony ), “which gave important impetus for the increase in steam boilers from 2 (1835) to 700 (1860 ) reflecting industrialization and economic development of the country. ”In addition, lectures and training courses were offered, collections of lessons were set up, and commercial educational institutions were set up and promoted. In addition, the association prepared reports on behalf of the government.

After the annexation of the kingdom by Prussia in 1866, the trade association for the province of Hanover, together with the Association of German Engineers , initiated the establishment of the “Association for the Monitoring of Steam Boilers” (today's TÜV ). The trade association had previously opened the Hanover School of Applied Arts in 1868 .

In 1876 the trade association became a legal person with a new statute and in the same year bought the Palais des Bankier Israel Simon in Brühlstrasse as a club house . A library was built in Brühlstrasse, a handicraft collection was set up, a teaching institution was set up and a permanent trade exhibition was presented. In 1894 the building was sold to the city of Hanover and a piece of land was acquired in the Landschaftstrasse as a replacement . The inauguration of a new building and exhibition hall for training courses and lectures was celebrated there in 1898.

In 1931 the exhibition hall was given up. The trade association was dissolved by the National Socialists "in the course of the reorganization of the competencies of the handicrafts and the chambers of industry and commerce ".

Functionaries (incomplete)

  • Wilhelm Boetticher ; was director of the trade association for 8 years, co-founder of the Hanover Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Conrad Bube ; Mechanic, factory owner and senator, chairman of the tool commission of the Hanover trade association
  • Friedrich Georg Hermann Culemann ; Print shop owner and school senator, temporarily chairman of the association
  • Friedrich Wilhelm von Dachenhausen; 1828 Founder of the association in 1828 and since then vice-president
  • Karl Karmarsch ; 1845 to 1855 vice president of the association
  • Friedrich Heeren ; "Employee" of the association and in 1846 on behalf of the "Royal Ministry of the Interior" sent on a research trip to England to "visit factories and other commercial facilities"
  • Fritz Hurtzig , director from 1861
  • Heinrich Koehler ; the architect and university professor became a member of the management in 1864, vice-president in 1888 and president in 1896 of the trade association for Hanover .
  • Friedrich von Reden ; the club secretary developed the "statistical descriptions" until 1839 (see section publications )
  • Moritz Rühlmann ; Professor of the higher trade school and a driving force for meetings and advanced training lectures of the association



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