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Karl Karmarsch

Karl Karmarsch (born October 17, 1803 in Vienna , † March 24, 1879 in Hanover ) was a German technologist and for many years the first director of the Polytechnic School, later the Technical University of Hanover .


Karl Karmarsch came from a small family: he was the son of a Viennese master tailor, the second of twelve children. He studied at the Polytechnic Institute in Vienna and was Georg Altmütter's assistant there from 1819 to 1823 . In 1830 he went to the newly founded Higher Trade School in Hanover as the main teacher and became its first director in 1831. The expansion of the trade school into a polytechnic school (1847) and technical college (1879) is closely linked to Karmarsch's name.

In addition to Karmarsch, Georg Wilhelm Glünder became the second director of the polytechnic school.

Karmarsch was the main teacher in the technological-chemical subject and represented the teaching areas of mechanical technology and theoretical chemistry with applications to technology (until 1840) and construction technology (since 1869). Karmarsch was one of the founders of scientific mechanical technology , which is about the connection of the exact sciences with their technical application. His main work Grundriß der mechanical Technologie appeared in the 1st edition in 1837.

In 1846, at the same time as Friedrich Heeren , Heinrich Kirchweger and Moritz Rühlmann , Karmarsch received honorary citizenship of the city of Hanover (this meant that citizenship was granted free of charge). He was a judge at the first world exhibitions in London and Paris (1851 and 1867) and from 1845 to 1855 Vice-President of the Trade Association for the Kingdom of Hanover , from 1869 he was a Privy Councilor.

He turned down appointments as professor at the University of Tübingen (1840) and as director of the trade institute in Berlin (1856).

Karl Karmarsch temporarily lived on the first floor above the Hanoverian bathing establishment on Friedrichstrasse, which was built by the architect Theodor Gersting between 1865 and 1867 .

After retiring in 1875 at his own request, he set up the Karmarsch Foundation for Scholarships, which in 1926 was merged with other foundations to form the Karmarsch Collective Foundation . His grave (with portrait medallion) is in the Engesohde city cemetery , Dept. 25a, in Hanover.


  • The road breakthrough in Hanover from 1879 to 1898 from Georgstrasse (from today's Kröpcke ) to Friedrichstrasse (today: Friedrichswall ) was named Karmarschstrasse and in 1894 Karmarschgasse in Vienna- Favoriten was named after him.
  • The Karmarsch memorial coin was donated in 1925 by the Hanover University Association (today Leibniz Universitätsgesellschaft Hannover eV). It is awarded to personalities who have made merits in promoting technology and business in scientific research or in promoting economic development.

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