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The Karmarsch memorial coin was donated in 1925 by the Hanover University Association (today Leibniz Universitätsgesellschaft Hannover eV). It is named after Karl Karmarsch , the long-time director of the Higher Trade School or Polytechnic School in Hanover, today's Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University of Hanover . It is awarded to personalities who have made merits in promoting technology and business in scientific research or in promoting economic development.

The medal is awarded every two years with the science award.

The medal was created by the medalist Carl Ebbinghaus . After it was lost as a result of the war, it was remodeled in 1952 by medalist Paul Egon Schiffers . It has a diameter of approx. 8 cm and bears the picture of Karl Karmarsch on the front and the words on the back: For outstanding services to technology and economy - Freundeskreis der Universität Hannover e. V.

In 2007 the Hanoverian artist Siegfried Neuenhausen revised the Karmarsch memorial coin.

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