Dreux county

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The county of Dreux with the capital Dreux was an old French county in the north of the Pays Chartrain on the borders of the Île-de-France and Normandy , to which it originally belonged.


The county belonged to the Robertinians , but at the beginning of the 10th century it was subject to a Landry, whose daughter Eva gave it to Count Walter (Gautier) von Vexin as a dowry . It later fell to Richard I of Normandy , whose daughter she in turn brought into her marriage to Count Odo II of Blois in 1017 .

The French King Robert II took the county from Odo and added it to Domaine royal . King Ludwig VI. gave it in 1137 to his son Robert , the progenitor of the House of France-Dreux .

In 1377, after the death of Simon von Thouars , Count von Dreux, the heirs sold the county to the king. After 1382, King Charles VI. she to Arnaud-Amanieu d'Albret , one of his most capable officers, who had been married to Margaret of Bourbon, his sister-in-law, since 1368.

In 1556 Dreux fell back to the crown and in 1559 became part of the morning gift for Catherine de Medici ; In 1569 the county was raised to a duchy and a peerage and given to Duke Franz von Alençon († 1584) as Paragium , who later became Duke of Anjou .

In 1584 Dreux was sold to the dukes of Nemours and only returned under Louis XV. returned to the possession of the crown.

Count of Dreux

First count

House of France Dreux

House of Thouars

  • 1355–1365: Simon de Thouars († 1365), son of Ludwig and Johannas II.
  • 1365–1377: Perenelle de Thouars († 1397), daughter of Ludwig and Johannas II.
  • 1365–1377: Isabeau de Thouars, daughter of Ludwig and Johannas II.
  • 1365–1377: Marguerite de Thouars († 1404), daughter of Ludwig and Johannas II.

In 1377 the three sisters sold Dreux to the crown

House Albret

House of Bourbon

  • Louis I. de Bourbon (* 1530; † 1569), 1557 Count of Soissons
  • Charles de Bourbon-Condé (* 1566; † 1612), 1569 Count of Soissons and Dreux, his son
  • Louis de Bourbon-Condé (* 1604, † 1641), 1612 Count of Soissons, Dreux and Clermont-en-Beauvaisis, his son
  • Marie de Bourbon (* 1606; † 1692), 1641 Countess of Soissons, his sister

House of Savoy

House Orléans-Longueville

  • Marie de Nemours (* 1625; † 1707), 1676 Countess von Dreux

House of Bourbon

  • Louis II. Joseph de Bourbon (* 1654; † 1712) Duke of Vendôme, 1707 Count of Dreux
  • Marie Anne de Bourbon-Condé (* 1678; † 1718), 1712 Countess von Dreux, his widow

House Pfalz-Simmern

House of Bourbon