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Gunter Dueck (2013)

Gunter Dueck (born December 9, 1951 in Hildesheim ) is a German mathematician and author of philosophical and ideological non-fiction.


Dueck studied mathematics and business administration in Göttingen from 1971 to 1975 ; He received his doctorate in mathematics from Bielefeld University in 1977 . He researched for ten years with his scientific supervisor Rudolf Ahlswede . Together they won the IEEE Information Theory Society's Prize Paper Award in 1990 for a new theory of message identification. After completing his habilitation in 1981, Gunter Dueck was professor of mathematics at Bielefeld University for five years .

In 1987 he moved to the IBM Scientific Center in Heidelberg . There he founded a large working group to solve industrial optimization problems and played a key role in setting up the data warehouse service business at IBM Germany, most recently as Chief Technology Officer . Gunter Dueck was an IBM Distinguished Engineer, member of the IBM Academy of Technology and an IBM Master Inventor. He worked on the technological direction of IBM, on strategic issues and cultural change. In August 2011 he retired from IBM.

Dueck was a member of the executive committees of the Society for Computer Science (GI) and the German Mathematicians Association (DMV) . He has been working as a freelance writer and speaker since September 1, 2011 , writing the column in the IT spectrum . He is an IEEE Fellow and corresponding member of the Göttingen Academy of Sciences .

At the beginning of 2013, Dueck participated as a founding partner in HalloWelt! Publishing GmbH, which builds up the Internet platform BlueForge. BlueForge was a kind of Wikipedia of the software, in which software can be rated, commented on and also tried out "in the cloud".

Since 2015 Dueck has also been a partner and member of the advisory board of voiXen GmbH, a start-up that offers a cloud service for the simple administration and evaluation of voice recordings, especially for call centers .

Since 2018 Dueck has also been an angel investor in Sharpist GmbH, a start-up that offers a scalable platform for the personal development of employees, especially through coaching .

He lives with his wife in Waldhilsbach near Heidelberg and has two children.


Lecture by Gunter Dueck at the re: publica 2013: "Call for metacultural discourse"

Dueck publishes satirical and philosophical non-fiction books about life, people and managers. He put down the most important part of his worldview in a trilogy with the following volumes:

  • Omnisophy: About Right, True, and Natural People (2002),
  • Supramany: From duty man to score man (2003) and
  • Topothesy: ​​humans in a species-appropriate attitude (2004).

His earlier books The beta-inside Galaxy , E-Man: The New Virtual Rulers and The Flood Principle are on the same subject. Central to his work is also his book Wild Duck: Empirical Philosophy of Human-Computer Networking , a lateral thinking work about the diversity of people, society, management and everyday life. Although his books build on one another, they are self-contained.

In many of his works he uses the temperament classification of David Keirsey , which is a further development of MBTI . He abstracted this model in his later literary career.

The Springer-Verlag Science published his works under the heading Dueck's World. His Beta Inside column appears regularly in Informatik Spektrum .

Dueck's book "Lean Brain Management - Success and Increased Efficiency through Zero-Brain" received the 2006 Business Book Prize from Financial Times Germany .

The podcast series “Dueck answers” ​​with Gunter Dueck and the journalist Robert Kindermann has been published since August 2012. The main focus is on “himself and questions from his readers, viewers and listeners”.


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