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Oatmeal is a staple food made from seed oats . They are made from whole grain and only inedible parts are removed so that they are whole grain . They contain a high proportion of carbohydrates (≈70%), protein (≈15%), a high content of unsaturated fatty acids , soluble fiber (≈10 g / 100 g), glucans such as the mucilage lichenine , vitamin B1 , B6 and E , zinc , iron , calcium , magnesium and phosphorus . The beta-glucan contained in oats can lower cholesterol levels and has positive effects on blood sugar levels .

Crunchy oat flakes on the left and tender oat flakes on the right
Flaking chair


First, the raw oats z. B. cleaned of straw and then treated for several hours first with steam, then with dry heat ( kiln ). During this treatment, the typical nutty aroma of the later oat flakes develops . The heat also weakens the activity of certain enzymes ( lipases ) that would otherwise later cause a rancid, bitter taste when stored. The husks loosen in the drying process and are then separated from the oat kernel in a drum peeler or centrifugal peeler (formerly between millstones in a tanning process). After the peeling process, the oat kernels are picked out by machine on a paddy table separator. The oat kernels, which are intended for tender flakes or small leaf flakes , are now processed into oat groats and go to a groats cutter , in which they are crushed. The oat flakes are given their final shape on a flaking chair in which the oat kernels are pressed flat between two smooth rollers under great pressure. Due to the manufacturing process, all types of oatmeal are whole grain , as they are obtained from the whole grain. In addition to the endosperm, the seedling, the seed coat and largely all nutrients are retained.


Hearty flakes or large leaf flakes
Made from whole oat kernels, quite firm to the bite, swell the slowest when soaking and boiling
Tender flakes or small leaf flakes
Rolled from oat groats ( chopped oat kernels) swell faster
Immediately soluble melt flakes
Are rolled from oatmeal. They are a for infant nutrition and diet produced food for use in bottles and porridge. Melt flakes dissolve immediately when stirred into liquid and are drinkable without chewing. According to the manufacturer, they are only suitable for babies from the age of 5 months and are offered as light foods for the sick.


  • Oat flakes serve as the basis for mueslis . They are available ready-made in food retailers, but can also be produced yourself with a flaker .
  • Oatmeal baked with honey and nuts is called granola .
  • If you soak oat flakes (possibly with dried fruit ) for a few hours or overnight in water or apple juice , you get a filling meal that can also be refined with fresh fruit and, if necessary, a little sugar .
  • Oatmeal porridge (also known as oatmeal) is obtained by boiling oatmeal in milk , oat milk or soy milk , which in Germany is usually consumed slightly sweetened. In Scandinavia , oatmeal porridge ( Havregrøt , porridge ) that is boiled with water, salted or lightly sugared is also common.
  • Oatmeal is popular as a healthy source of calories in bodybuilding .
  • For many allergy sufferers and those affected by celiac disease , only gliadin is intolerant , but not glutenin as well . Those affected in this way must therefore avoid the classic grains ( wheat , triticale , rye and their botanical precursors), but can, to a certain extent, eat oat flakes and other oat products made from them. In this case, it must be ensured that the oats have not been contaminated with wheat etc. during the food technology treatment process. Only specially cleaned oats can fall below the limit of 20 ppm.
  • The oatmeal soup is also a traditional home remedy , for example for gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Gruel, that is, from oatmeal cooked, abgeseihter mucus plays a role as baby food and medical food. It is recommended for digestive problems and for strengthening. Oatmeal is used in children's nutrition because it is digestible and an important source of iron, magnesium and B vitamins .


A heaped tablespoon corresponds to about 10 g for coarse oat flakes and 5 g for fine oat flakes.

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