Haggard (film)

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German title Haggard
Original title Haggard: The Movie
Country of production United States , Canada
original language English
Publishing year 2003
length 96 minutes
Director Bam Margera
script Chris Aspite ,
Brandon DiCamillo ,
Bam Margera
production Joseph Frantz
music Mostly from HIM
camera Joseph Frantz
cut Bam Margera

Haggard (Original title: Haggard: The Movie ) is a 2003 released film comedy based on a true story. Directed by Bam Margera . The budget for the film was $ 500,000.


Ryan Dunn's girlfriend Glauren cheats on Ryan with a metalhead named "Hellboy", aka Steven. Ryan pays his best friends Valo and Falcone to break into Glaurens' house in order to find evidence of the seriousness of the new relationship. The two only cause chaos in the house and rummage through Glauren's things. Among other things, Falcone and Valo see or film a not-so-serious act between Glauren and Hellboy. The two friends go to great lengths to help Ryan. He finally realizes that he has to stop torturing himself and wanting revenge on his rival. With the help of his friends, he develops a humorous plan for Hellboy. Hellboy is practically "run over" by a taxi driver. Glauren starts a lesbian affair, Ryan has a new flame at the end, as does Valo, Falcone wins an inventor competition and wins a bike that is covered with diamonds and everyone is happy and satisfied.


The film's soundtrack includes 26 songs:


The film received mixed reviews. In the Internet Movie Database (IMDb.com), the film received an average rating of 6.4 out of 10 in over 4,200 reviews.

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