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Hallee Leah Hirsh (born December 16, 1987 in Omaha , Nebraska ) is an American film actress and film producer .


Hallee Hirsh comes from a military family. Her father, Mike Hirsh, was a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Marine Corps and her mother, Deborah, was a former captain of the United States Navy . Hirsh was born at Offutt Air Force Base , Omaha. She has an older brother who was born in 1981. The family had to move frequently for work and so they came from Omaha to New York and later to Los Angeles .

As a child, she attracted attention in a number of plays after her brother had already made it into an actor. She was discovered and promoted in 1993 by David Letterman , on whose show she gained her first television experience. She gained fame for her role in Emergency Room , where she played Rachel Greene in fifteen episodes, and for her role as Mattie Grace Johnson in JAG - On behalf of the honor .

You could also see Hallee Hirsh in numerous commercials ; she promoted Burger King and Pizza Hut , among others .

She studied English Literature at the University of Oxford in Great Britain .

In 2002 she made her debut as a producer of the short film Incest , directed by Luke Eberl .

Hallee Hirsh will be dubbed by various voice actors. The multiple synchronization by Ilona Brokowski in Emergency Room and JAG as well as by Giuliana Jakobeit in Ghost Whisperer and Grey's Anatomy should be emphasized . Hallee Hirsh has been married to Ryan Martin since 2013 and has a son who was born on May 29, 2014.


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Hallee Hirsh was nominated seven times for the Young Artist Award and won it twice.

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