Burger King

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Burger King Worldwide, Inc.

legal form Corporation
founding 1954
Seat Miami-Dade County , Florida , United States
United StatesUnited States 
management Daniel Schwartz , CEO
Number of employees
  • 10,870 (as of December 31, 2012)
  • 400,000 (employees at franchisees as of February 7, 2014)
sales 2.5 billion US dollars (2016)
Branch Quick service system catering
Website www.burgerking.de

The headquarters of Burger King
Burger King USA
Branch in Dortmund

Burger King is an American fast-food chain based in Miami-Dade County , Florida , which has built up a global restaurant network as a system restaurant. Around 90% of the around 17,800 restaurants are run by independent franchise partners. Burger King, along with Tim Hortons and Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits, belongs to Restaurant Brands International , which is based in Oakville , Canada .



In 1954, James McLamore and David Edgerton founded the Burger King Corporation when they opened a restaurant on NW 36th Street in Miami ( 25 ° 48 ′ 34 ″  N , 80 ° 14 ′ 48 ″  W ). The concept was beef grilled over an open flame, some fresh ingredients and large portions of french fries . In 1957, the first Whopper was served, which later became one of the company's most successful products. Today the Whopper is sold 1.7 billion times a year worldwide.

In 1961, the founders acquired the franchise rights, allowing expansion around the world to begin.

Sold to Pillsbury Company

Burger King was sold to the Pillsbury Company in 1967 . In 1975 the first so-called drive-in was set up in order to be able to offer the food to customers on the way. Today this distribution channel makes 58 percent of the proceeds from.

Expansion in Europe

In 1976 Burger King came to Europe, first to Spain and then to Germany. In 1980 the ex-professional soccer player Lothar Skala founded a company in Darmstadt and became the first German franchisee. In 1986 the first drive-in in Germany was opened in Nuremberg. In 1990 the first restaurant in the new federal states opened in Dresden.

Sale to Texas Pacific Group

In 1997 Pillsbury went with Guinness together in the British Diageo PLC . Diageo announced in June 2000 that it would remove Burger King Corporation from its portfolio and sold it for 1.5 billion US dollars on December 13, 2002 to a US consortium made up of the Texas Pacific Group ( Del Monte , Ducati , Continental Airlines , America West ), Bain Capital and Goldman Sachs Capital Partners .

From April 2006 the company was led by John Chidsey as CEO. In September 2010, Chidsey was replaced by Bernardo Hees.

Sale to 3G Capital

On September 2, 2010, Burger King was bought by the New York financial investor 3G Capital for four billion US dollars, mainly backed by Brazilian investors such as Jorge Paulo Lemann , Marcel Herrmann Telles and Carlos Alberto Sicupira . Shareholders received $ 24 per share in cash. In June 2012, Burger King returned to the stock exchange. 3G Capital kept 71% of the shares and thus remained the main shareholder.

Merger with Tim Hortons

In August 2014, Burger King announced the merger with Tim Hortons to form Restaurant Brands International . The combined company operates more than 18,000 restaurants and has annual sales of $ 23 billion. The company's headquarters are in Oakville, Canada. 3G Capital remains the main shareholder with 51% of the shares in Restaurant Brands International.

Important openings

The first Burger King restaurant opened in Miami on December 4, 1954 under the name Insta Burger King . The Whopper didn't exist back then, but hamburgers were sold for $ 0.18. In 1967, more than 260 restaurants had opened in the USA.

The first restaurant outside of the United States opened in Puerto Rico in 1963 . In 1969 the market was expanded to Canada . Burger King continued its expansion and settled in Australia under the name Hungry Jack’s in 1971.

Europe was added as the third continent . The first European branch was opened in Madrid in 1975; The first German Burger King restaurant in West Berlin followed just a year later . The first branches in Asia were opened in 1982. In 2005, Burger King continued its expansion in China .


business development

In Germany , Burger King achieved net annual sales of EUR 647.0 million in 2006 (2005: EUR 587.8 million; 2004: EUR 561.2 million; 2003: EUR 504.0 million). In the same period, the company achieved sales of 1.04 million US dollars per location in the USA, according to the trade journal “Nation's Restaurant News”. In comparison, McDonald's averaged $ 1.78 million per restaurant in the US market; Wendy's averaged $ 1.35 million in 2004.


Burger King in Oahu , Hawaii

There are 17,796 restaurants in around 88 countries worldwide (as of December 31, 2018), around 200 of which operate under the name Hungry Jack’s . The restaurant chain has over 400,000 employees worldwide who serve around 11 million customers every day. According to the company, around 90 percent of the worldwide locations are run by independent entrepreneurs . The group has 10,870 directly employed employees (as of December 31, 2012)


Sales van in Dresden , July 1990

The Burger King Corporation has been represented in Germany since 1976 when the first restaurant in West Berlin opened on Kurfürstendamm . The first restaurant run by a franchisee , ex-soccer player Lothar Skala , opened in Darmstadt in 1980 . In 1986 the first drive-in restaurant followed , which opened in Nuremberg . The first sales point in the new federal states was opened in 1990 - still mobile - in Dresden . There have been Burger King commercials on German television since 1992 . In 1997 the first meatless burger was introduced under the name Country Burger . From 1999 almost all German branches got a new interior design in the style of a US diner from the 1950s.

In 2008, Burger King had a turnover of 764 million euros in Germany , in 2010 of 750 million euros, in 2011 it was 790 million euros, 900 million euros in 2016 and 945 million euros in 2017. The number of restaurants fell from 706 (2010) to 696 (2012 ), but then rose again to 701 (2016) or 708 (2017). The opening of 300 new restaurants is planned by 2023. Since May 2013 the nearly 700 restaurants in Germany have been run exclusively through franchising with around 165 franchisees. In 2014 around 400,000 customers were served daily by around 24,000 employees in Germany. In January 2015, Burger King started a trial delivery service in Mannheim and then in seven other selected cities . If successful, the company would like to further expand the service. At the beginning of 2019, Burger King signed a cooperation agreement with Esso . The operator of the Esso filling station Echo is a new franchisee; Under this agreement, 100 new fast food restaurants are to be opened within five years. The first restaurant from this cooperation was opened on December 5, 2019 at an Esso petrol station in Ellwangen .

Yi-Ko Holding

As of May 2013, Yi-Ko Holding operated 91 restaurants in Germany as franchisees, which were previously run by Burger King GmbH as a subsidiary of Burger King. Functionaries of the NGG and members of works councils criticized the worsened conditions for the members of the works councils several times . The conflict has already escalated in several court hearings, but without a final legal assessment. In August 2013, Yi-Ko Holding responded to the union's allegations with a claim for damages against NGG at the Hamburg District Court for defamation .

In April and May 2014, the TV station RTL broadcast three programs under the title Günter Wallraff covers! The latest case from the undercover specialist . The report caused a lot of media coverage, mainly due to indications of precarious working conditions and poor hygiene at Burger King restaurants under the management of Yi-Ko Holding. The group then complained about lost sales. In response to the report, Burger King temporarily closed two restaurants. The commercial director of the criticized Yi-Ko Holding, Ergün Yildiz, who was highlighted in the report, resigned a week after its publication. According to the Germany boss Andreas Bork, who admitted his own mistakes in dealing with this franchisee, he is now only a passive partner; More than 80 percent of the labor court proceedings at Yi-Ko Holding have now been settled. In addition, the German management of Burger King announced that they would have their restaurants tested by the external institute TÜV Süd in the future and opened the kitchens at some locations in an "open kitchen day" from August 15-17, 2014 (according to Borks information around 250 of the 700 German restaurants) for customers who had previously applied online. According to the Burger King headquarters, several thousand visitors took part in over a thousand kitchen tours nationwide.

On November 18, 2014, Burger King terminated all franchise agreements with Yi-Ko Holding. At that time, Yi-Ko operated 89 Burger King branches with around 3,000 employees.

At the beginning of June 2015, Yildiz's previous business partner Alexander Kolobov , who also operates around 250 branches in Russia, received the license to continue operating 84 threatened German branches with around 3,000 employees. Outstanding payments have been settled, the operating company is again a member of the Federal Association of System Gastronomy and pays its employees collective wages.


In Austria , the first branches were opened in Vienna and Innsbruck in the 1980s , but they were closed again soon afterwards. It was not until 2000 that the first restaurant in the gastronomy section of the Donauzentrum , Donauplex, was opened again in Austria's capital Vienna . A branch was also opened in Wiener Neustadt . In June 2019 there were 52 restaurants across Austria. Burger King is one of the fastest growing quick service restaurants in Austria and plans to continue expanding in Austria. Nonetheless, existing branches were closed again, most recently in the summer of 2016 at the Innsbruck branch, which was reopened elsewhere in December 2018 after a change of franchisee. I.a. In order to drive expansion, the franchisee TQSR Holding and Development GmbH has been responsible for the entire Austrian market since April 1, 2015. As in Germany, Burger King has been testing a delivery service at five branches in Vienna since January 2015.


Burger King to go branch in Frankfurt Central Station

Burger King opened its first Swiss branch in Lugano in 1981 . The 54 branches (as of July 2018) in Switzerland are located in Aarau , Altdorf , Alchenflüh , Baden , twice in Basel ( Centralbahnplatz and Steinenvorstadt), Bern , Biel , Bursins , Coldrerio , Chur , Dietlikon , Frauenfeld , Friborg , Geneva Airport , Herisau , Hochdorf , Hunzenschwil , Lausanne , Bourg-en-Lavaux , Lugano, Lupfig , Lucerne , Maienfeld , Münsingen , Niederurnen , Pratteln , Regensdorf , Richterswil , Rothenburg , Rothrist , Rümlang , Seuzach , Spreitenbach , (service area) St. Margrethen , Stans , Steffisburg , Wetzikon , Winterthur , Würenlos and in Zug . Seven other branches are located in the area of ​​the city of Zurich : in Zurich Oerlikon , in the Sihlcity shopping center in Zurich Wiedikon , three times in Zurich main station , on Lagerstrasse near the main station and in the passenger area at Zurich Airport . The first Burger King Express in Europe is also located at Zurich Main Station. With eleven restaurants, the BKTL Group is the largest franchisee in Switzerland. In addition, on April 1, 2020, it will take over 12 Chickeria branches from the Migros Ostschweiz cooperative .


Hungry Jack's in Brisbane, Australia

In Australia , the Burger King Corporation operates under the name Hungry Jack’s , as the name Burger King was already used by a diner in Adelaide. The first Australian Hungry Jack's restaurant opened in Innaloo , a suburb of Perth , on April 18, 1971. In 1981 there were 26 Hungry Jack's branches in Australia. After acquiring eleven Wendy’s restaurants in Victoria in 1986, nine branches were converted into Hungry Jack’s branches over a period of four months. Since the Burger King brand had expired in Australia in the late 1990s, the franchisor Burger King Corporation tried to operate and open restaurants under the Burger King name in Australia, for example in order to be internationally aligned with airports. In order to implement this project of opening more restaurants under the name Burger King, the franchisee Hungry Jack's Pty. Ltd. accused of violating the license terms, the latter defended himself in court and was won, the court called the accusation against Hungry Jack's as constructed and Burger King had to stop its plans. In 2005, Hungry Jack's introduced the breakfast menu to be on par with the international Burger King branches. In 2006 there are more than 300 Hungry Jack's and Burger King branches in all Australian states, of which 210 are Hungry Jack's branches and 81 are Burger King branches. In the Hungry Jack's branches there is a similar range of dishes and menus as in the Burger King branches around the world. Only in Australia is the Aussie burger containing beetroot available ( Aussie : nickname of the people of Australia).


In Helsinki in September 1982 opened a Burger King restaurant; another was added in 1983 in Tampere . Both restaurants were taken over by Carrols and McDonald's in 1985. In May 2013, Burger King announced its return to Finland. The franchisee is the Restel Group, which operates 49 hotels and 240 restaurants in Finland. The Restel Group's first restaurant opened in December 2013 in the center of Helsinki. Another Restel Group restaurant opened at Helsinki Central Station in February 2014; the Restel Group states that it is planning further expansion. The next openings are announced for autumn 2014.


Burger King opened its first restaurants in France in the early 1980s and was represented for 16 years. In 1996, Burger King Corporation announced that it would close all 39 branches after hamburger consumption fell sharply within a year. The turnover in 1995 was 325 million  francs , in 1996 Burger King only had a turnover of 300 million francs. This drop in consumption is likely to be due to the fear of the BSE crisis, which also affected McDonald's with a drop in visitors of at least 5 percent. According to a spokesman for Burger King, the reason for the closings was the low profit of the restaurants in France - after McDonald’s and Quick they were only third in terms of sales and number of restaurants on the French market . In 1997 all branches were closed and 550 jobs were lost.

In December 2012, Burger King returned to France and opened a branch at Marseille Airport . In cooperation with Autogrill up to 400 restaurants u. a. opened at airports, highways and train stations. One restaurant was opened in the first half of 2013 on the A4 motorway near Reims , and another in December 2013 in the Saint-Lazare train station in Paris.

An important step towards re-establishment in France was taken at the end of 2015 with the takeover of the French fast-food chain Quick , whose branches are to be gradually converted into Burger King. The plan is to have a network of 600 Burger King restaurants in France by 2020.


Burger King opened branches in Romania in 2008, but had to close them again in 2012 after the franchisees filed for bankruptcy. Currently (August 2014) there is only one branch in Romania at the Henri Coandă Airport in Bucharest . In autumn 2014, a delegation from the company was supposed to sound out the possibilities of re-entering the Romanian market. At the end of December 2014, the company announced that it would open 30 restaurants in the country within four years.

Countries with Burger King restaurants

Countries with Burger King restaurants

1) under the name Hungry Jack’s
2) only within US Army facilities ( AAFES )

Business model


Burger King trains specialists in system catering in the recognized apprenticeship . However, the majority of employees in the branches work after a training phase that only lasts a few days. The company does not publish how many of the trained apprentices are taken on.


Burger King logo until 1999
  • 1954: Basic concept: Burger King stands for flamed-grilled beef , fresh ingredients and large French fries.
  • 1958: Burger King - Home of the Whopper . Basic idea: This burger stands for uniqueness. According to the advertising statement, the Whopper consists exclusively of fresh ingredients and is grilled over an open flame. Plus its size: you need two hands to eat it.
  • 1992: The Taste Buds - the first Burger King TV commercial in Germany
  • 1997: Country Burger - the first meatless burger in fast food restaurants in Germany, now an integral part of the menu
  • 1998: King French fries are hot longer, crispy longer and tasty longer. - With an introductory price of DM 1, the sale exceeds all expectations. Launch of the King Wings and Crispy Chicken.
  • 1999: worldwide introduction of a new logo
  • 2003: Bigger, better, Burger King
  • 2004: Feel the fire.
  • 2005: Pimp my Burger.
  • 2006: Have it your way.
  • 2009: Taste is KING.
  • 2015: Your Way


The designations are not typical for the company, but apply to most of the hamburger providers in system catering.


The frozen slices of meat are called patties. In beef , they are circular, in chicken they only approximate this shape. There are two sizes: eight and ten centimeters in diameter .

Burger King grills the meat over a flame. That is why every Burger King restaurant has a special facility with which you can grill the frozen patties over a gas flame. However, this only applies to the beef and chicken patties. Other such as B. Chicken nuggets or breaded chicken patties are either conventionally fried or deep-fried.


Buns are the name of the soft rolls used for the sandwiches. The sesame rolls are also available in two different sizes. All buns are toasted before they are sold . This means that they do not soak themselves up so quickly with the dressings or sauces used, and the resulting roasting substances give the end product an additional aroma.


Sandwiches are now all products called burgers by the general public . It is a generic term from English that developed in the fast food industry in the forties and fifties and is now used by practically all large chains worldwide. Originally the term referred to a soft bread that had been freed from the crust and topped with several ingredients. The term can be traced back to the British John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich , after whom his favorite dish was named.

Devices used

Most of the devices used are not custom-made, almost all of the kitchen equipment is available on the open market. The biggest difference to the kitchen of the competition is the use of a broiler instead of a contact grill.


The so-called broiler is the grill . There the frozen patties run on chains over an open gas-powered fire. The type of broiler varies depending on the age and location of the branches. The devices have two separate chambers that can be set separately for each type of meat. After the grilling process, the meat is kept warm in heating chambers. There it can be kept for up to an hour, depending on the type of meat. The compliance with the holding times is indicated by signal lamps.


The buns required for the sandwiches are toasted in the toaster . In contrast to meat, there is no holding time for the toasted buns, so they have to be processed immediately.

Whopper and burger board

The stainless steel tables in the kitchen are opposite each other in most restaurants; in some locations, due to the lack of space, they only consist of a table. At this station, two monitors inform the employees which sandwich types are being asked for. Since the introduction of burgers made with chicken, every kitchen has an extra table at which these products are prepared.


The connection between the kitchen and the cashier's room is called a chute ( German : chute , slide ) . The finished sandwiches slide forward in it like in a gutter. The chute is heated and mostly has two floors.

Beverage plant

In Germany, Coca-Cola Company products are used in the sizes small (0.25 l), medium (0.4 l) and large (0.5 l). The filling takes place automatically via a postmix system.

Composition of the menu

Whopper Menu (April 2005, Mississauga , Canada )

The flagship at Burger King is the Whopper , other standard products include hamburgers, cheeseburgers, Big King , King Nuggets and various chicken burgers. In Germany, Burger King also offers meatless hamburgers under the name Veggie King , so-called veggie burgers . In addition to the conventional French fries, Burger King in the USA started offering French fries called “Satisfries” from September 2013 , which contained a third less fat and therefore had a physiological calorific value that was 20% lower . A year later, however, they were taken off the market again due to poor sales from two thirds of the stores in the USA and Canada. Since the beginning of 2014 they are also available in the Austrian restaurants, and in Germany they are, optionally with a light version of Heinz - Ketchup , also offered. As with all international system catering providers, some burgers differ slightly from country to country despite their strict corporate identity .

The company offers burgers in Germany, such as the double Whopper cheese, some of which are higher than those offered by its main competitor, McDonald's, both in terms of size and price. With the “Big King” product, Burger King has an alternative on offer that is roughly equivalent in substance and price to the Big Mac . The Fish King , a burger with fish fillet , salad and sauce, is now being offered again.

Burger King mainly differs from its competitors in that the hamburgers are grilled over an open flame in order to achieve a “grill flavor”. The company emphasizes this process, especially in its advertising, as a unique selling point compared to its main competitor.

Special requests from customers, such as without a tomato slice, but a double amount of lettuce, are taken into account in accordance with the company guidelines. By introducing a new cash register system, some branches are even able to meet special requests in such a targeted manner that the customer can indirectly create his own burger. The composition of the burgers on offer is heavily geared towards meat, lettuce, fresh onions and tomatoes as important ingredients; Compared to its main competitor McDonald’s, the company relies less on sauces with several flavor components.

In April 2019, Burger King started selling the meat-free Impossible Whopper from Impossible Foods in 59 branches in the St. Louis area (USA) . In November 2019, Burger King and the Unilever brand “The Vegetarian Butcher” launched the meat-free Rebel Whopper with a plant-based patty in 25 countries, including Germany and Austria .

Hold times

At Burger King there is usually a holding time for each product. This also applies to the raw and intermediate products, i.e. H. Not only for every finished sandwich , but also for the meat that has been delivered or grilled, as well as for salads , tomatoes , French fries and shakes.

In the kitchen, lights next to the hot compartments show the status of the holding time. The following applies here:

colour meaning
orange The product must not be used yet.
green The product is within the holding time.
flashing green The hold time expires in four minutes. The product can still be used.
flashing orange The hold time expires, but the product still has to wait until the "green flashing" compartment is empty.
flashing red The hold time has expired. The product must be destroyed.
red The heat retention compartment is empty.

The holding time of the sandwiches can be seen from the numbers ranging from 1 to 12 on the respective wrapping paper. The number 1 stands for five minutes past the hour, the number 2 for ten minutes. The later holding time is noted on the paper before the respective product is produced. To do this, the employee responsible first looks at which point on the dial the minute hand is located. Since sandwiches have a holding time of ten minutes, he marks the number on the paper that the minute hand will show in ten minutes. For example, if it is 12:25 p.m. at the time of production, the number 7 (12:25 p.m. + 10 minutes = 12:35 p.m. → 35 minutes corresponds to the number 7) is ticked on the packaging paper. Employees are required to round up the starting time. For example, if it is 12:43 p.m., it is rounded up to 45 minutes and the number 11 (12:45 p.m. + 10 minutes = 12:55 p.m. → 55 minutes corresponds to the number 11). To enable this process, there is an analog clock in every Burger King kitchen .

Burger King's standards for hold times are very high. Ultimately, however, they have to be implemented in practice by each restaurant itself. Due to price and time pressures, this is not always the case. Selling the end product after the original holding time has been exceeded reduces the use of materials and thus increases the profitability of the respective restaurant.

Burger King does not publish any information that enables customers to interpret the holding times noted on the products themselves and thus also ensure compliance with these quality assurance measures. However, they can be found on the company's website.

BK Whopper Bar

In 2009, Burger King opened the first so-called “BK Whopper Bar” in Munich. This is a Burger King restaurant that allows the consumer to put all the components together for his burger himself. The prices for a menu are a bit more expensive than the standard menus. The restaurant also served Burger King as an innovation center, i.e. as a place where customer wishes are analyzed through their direct articulation and the resulting burger can be introduced as a nationwide innovation. In addition, in addition to the long-established use of selected branches as the first point of sale for newly planned burgers, the two Whopper Bars were used for the sale of new burgers before they were advertised. While the Whopper Bar in Munich has now been converted back into a normal Burger King, the number of branches in the USA is growing. The reason for the original idea was the visit of the Burger King managing director to the now closed Burger King branch in Cologne Central Station. In this branch, customers have the option of putting their burgers together themselves at a separate counter, in addition to the globally common option of ordering pre-made burgers. If the concept proves its worth, there will be a nationwide introduction, according to Burger King.

Social Commitment

With the BK Positive Steps Corporate Responsibility Program, Burger King Corporation has committed itself to environmental protection. Product packaging is reduced, waste is recycled, and deep-frying oil is processed into biodiesel . As part of the BK Positive Step , the world's first energy-efficient Burger King restaurant was created, which opened on June 7, 2010 in Waghäusel .

In addition to the BK Positive Steps Corporate Responsibility Program, the Corporate Social Responsibility Program, the BK Scholars Program and the BK Family Fund under the umbrella of the Burger King McLamore Foundation , which was founded in October 2005, address the company's social responsibility. According to the company, there has also been a collaboration with Room to Read , an international non-governmental organization that has been committed to promoting educational opportunities and reading and writing skills in developing countries , since 2012 .

In 2017, Burger King started an anti- bullying campaign: under the name Bullying Junior (German slogan: “Would you support a bullied Whopper Jr.?”), The reactions of guests were on the one hand to receive a previously defaced by a blow Whopper Jr. and on the other on the scene (posed by actors) of insulting and threatening a teenager by three of his peers. According to Burger King, 95% complained about the defective burger, but only 12% intervened in the case of the victimized student.

useful information

Meanwhile closed Burger King in Hamburg, Mönckebergstrasse
Branch in the former substation of the Nazi party rally grounds in Nuremberg
  • The world's best-selling Burger King restaurant is located at Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam . It makes $ 12.5 million a year.
  • The most seated Burger King restaurant is in Fort Lewis , Washington State .
  • The largest Burger King restaurant in terms of area is located in Budapest , Hungary .
  • The northernmost restaurant is in Tromsø , Norway .
  • The southernmost branch is in Invercargill , New Zealand .
  • The highest restaurant is in La Paz , Bolivia , at an altitude of 3,600 m. ü. NN.
  • In Rotherham , England , a Burger King restaurant was built in 24 hours. It is therefore the fastest established branch in the world.
  • The record time to build a Burger King in Germany is seven weeks; the restaurant in question was opened on March 31, 2006 in Hennef .
  • In September 2010, Burger King added the specialties of Starbucks subsidiary Seattle's Best Coffee to its range in 7,250 US restaurants . Burger King followed its rival McDonald's.
  • In Berlin in 2003 they built the former Berlin Pavilion in a Burger King drive-in restaurant has to offer.
  • In Hamburg there was a restaurant decorated with Doric columns in a former municipal library from 1914 on Mönckebergstrasse . It was also one of the oldest Burger King restaurants in Germany. In the spring of 2009, however, it had to give way to a city and cultural information center with an integrated Starbucks coffee house.
  • The restaurant at the truck stop in Geiselwind also has a truck drive-in.
  • In Nuremberg , a branch opened in 2006 in the former transformer station on the Nazi party rally grounds . The imprint of the former imperial eagle statue can still be seen on the east facade .
  • At the beginning of 2013, Burger King was also affected by the so-called horse meat scandal . The fast food chain Burger King Worldwide reports that it has discovered traces of horse meat at a hamburger supplier that served the chain's fast food restaurants in the UK, Ireland and Denmark.
  • In Japan, Burger King only sold the Flame Grilled Fragrance perfume with the Whopper scent in its branches on April 1, 2015 - despite the date not an April Fool's joke, as the company emphasized - for the equivalent of 40 euros . Before that, Burger King in Japan (like other fast food chains before) had been offering two black burgers for a few weeks from September 19, 2014, in which the rolls and the cheese slices were colored black with bamboo charcoal and the sauce with squid ink.
  • In 2018, Burger King launched the Doggper , a chewing bone with a "flame grill" flavor for dogs, on the US market, but initially only for customers using the Door Dash ordering service. The company spoke of a "solution for customers who want to enjoy their order at home without the interruption of their pets".

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Commons : Burger King  - collection of pictures, videos and audio files

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