Hans Demel (Egyptologist)

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Hans Demel (full name Johann Demel Ritter von Elswehr, born April 14, 1886 in Teschen , † December 28, 1951 in Vienna ) was an Austrian Egyptologist .

Hans Demel, son of politician Johann Demel of Elswehr , studied at the University of Vienna first law (Dr. jur. 1911) and then Egyptology at Hermann Junker (Dr. phil. 1913). From 1913 he worked at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, where he became head of the Egyptian-Oriental Collection in 1922 and director in 1926 . In 1945 he was appointed professor and in 1947 a councilor. In 1949 he became the administrative director of the Kunsthistorisches Museum. He was buried at the Ober Sankt Veiter cemetery .


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