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Harald Neubauer (born December 3, 1951 in Hamburg ) is a German right-wing extremist politician and publicist . He was a member of the European Parliament from 1989 to 1994 .


Neubauer trained as a technical wholesale and foreign trade clerk and did military service in the German armed forces .

He was a member of the NPD from 1969 to 1972 and again from 1975 to 1981 . In the meantime, he was briefly active in the New Rights campaign. In 1973 he was hired by Gerhard Frey as the state representative for Hamburg of the DVU , which was then still an association , and then worked for the publisher Frey's Druckschriften- und Zeitungsverlags GmbH . From 1975 to 1983 he was editor of the German Gazette there . In the NPD he became the deputy district chairman of the NPD Upper Bavaria. In 1983 he joined the newly formed Republicans and in 1984 became press officer for party founder Franz Handlos . In a power struggle within the party, however, he switched to Franz Schönhuber's side . In 1985 he became general secretary of the Republicans, in May 1988 also state chairman in Bavaria , in July 1988 finally also the party's federal press spokesman. He was considered a potential successor to Schönhuber.

With the election success in the European elections in 1989 , he entered the European Parliament for the REP and belonged to the Technical Group of the European Right . In the following years he threw - the championed an approach to the DVU and NPD - however with Schönhuber and was on its operation from the REP excluded . In 1991 he and others founded the German League for People and Homeland , which was to become a collective movement of the extreme right; Neubauer became federal chairman alongside Jürgen Schützinger and Rudolf Kendzia . Michael Kühnen claims in the 1992 documentary film Truth makes you free that Neubauer was a member of the NSDAP organizational structure ; Neubauer denies this there, however.

He was Associate Editor of Nation und Europa magazine from 1992 until she was hired in 2009 . He is also a board member of the Society for Free Journalism . He also became a member of the spokesperson for the German structural organization around Alfred Mechtersheimer . Most recently, like Schönhuber, he supported voting agreements between the DVU and the NPD. As a non-party, he was elected to second place on the state list of the NPD Saxony for the 2005 federal election on the recommendation of the DVU .

Neubauer was also a columnist for the monthly magazine First! from the Dietmar Munier publishing house . As a speaker and as an author he appeared at lecture events in boys' houses , for example in 2001 at the Rhenania-Salingia in Düsseldorf .

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