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Heinrich Gustav Brzoska (born June 5, 1807 in Königsberg in Prussia , † September 11, 1839 in Jena ) was a German educator and university professor .


Brzoska came from a Königsberg merchant family and attended the Kneiphöfisches Gymnasium in his hometown under the rector Karl Ludwig Struve . On March 22, 1826 , he enrolled at the University of Königsberg . There he studied education, philosophy , Greek literature and history under Wilhelm Drumann , Johann Friedrich Herbart , Christian August Lobeck and Johannes Voigt . Herbart in particular inspired him. He became a teacher and inspector at the school . At Easter 1829 he had completed his master's degree in Königsberg . He became a private teacher for a short time, then went to Berlin for a short time .

Brzoska went to Leipzig University in 1830 . There habilitation he did with Scripture De geographia mythica specimen I . He then taught at the university. In 1831/1832 he settled in Jena and married. He completed his habilitation at the University of Jena with the thesis De geographia mythica specimen II. As a private lecturer , he took over the lectures on education from Johann Traugott Leberecht Danz and the direction of a boys' school from Heinrich Graefe . He based his work on Herbartianism . Before 1835 he was promoted to Dr. phil. PhD . Brozska ​​became an associate professor of philosophy at the university in 1835 . The following year he published his main work, in which he pleaded for the need for educational seminars at universities.

Brozska ​​reached on February 13, 1837 at the senior consistory in Weimar that the teaching of pedagogy was introduced for students of theology and philology. In 1839 he fell seriously ill and died shortly afterwards.

Works (selection)

  • De geographia mythica specimen I. Commentationem de Homerica mundi imagine JH Vossii potissimum sententia examinata continens , Leipzig 1831.
  • De geographia mythica specimen II. Jena 1832.
  • The need for educational seminars at the university and their appropriate organization. Barth, Leipzig 1836.
  • (Ed.) Central Library of Literature, Statistics and History of Pedagogy and School Instruction at home and abroad , 10 volumes, CA Schwetschke and Son, Halle an der Saale 1838–1839.


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