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Hermann-Josef Pelgrim (born October 15, 1959 in Bocholt ) is a German local politician ( SPD ). Since 1997 he has been Lord Mayor of Schwäbisch Halls , the district town of the Schwäbisch Hall district in northeast Baden-Württemberg .


After attending secondary school and an apprenticeship as a forwarding agent Pelgrim studied at the University of Paderborn and the USA economics . He then worked for several years for the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in South America and the ÖTV trade union in Stuttgart . Since 1993 he has been seconded to the European Union in Brussels on behalf of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics .

The candidate Kurt Leibbrandt from Bietigheim-Bissingen emerged as the winner of the Schwäbisch Hall mayor election on December 15, 1996, in which the successor to the long-time mayor Karl-Friedrich Binder was elected. Due to an election challenge, the nervous strain of which he did not want to expose himself to, Leibbrandt resigned before taking office, and a new election on April 13, 1997 became necessary, in which Pelgrim ran. The election did not result in an absolute majority for any of the candidates; the highest number of votes was achieved by Pelgrim and two CDU candidates . In the second ballot on April 27, 1997, all three ran again and Pelgrim won the election with 39% of the vote and a turnout of 56%. Pelgrim was elected as the first SPD mayor of Schwäbisch Hall.

Due to contestation of the election, he initially worked as an official administrator from June 1, 1997 ; on June 12, 1998 he was installed in office. In the election on March 6, 2005, he was the only candidate and was confirmed in office with 93.2% of the votes and a low turnout of 22.3%. On March 10, 2013, with a turnout of 34.4%, he was re-elected for a third term with a total of 79.2% of the votes.

Among the prominent events in Pelgrims tenure include the financial crisis of Schwäbisch Hall from 2002 owing to a lack of business tax payments of Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall as the main business tax payers, the handover of a new building of the prison Schwäbisch Hall in 1998, the inauguration of the Kunsthalle Würth in 2001 and the the Schwäbisch Hall Mosque in 2004. In addition, the controversial commercial project 'Kocherquartier', the building complex of which was opened in 2011, as well as support for the construction of a controversial western bypass, which partly runs on Schwäbisch Hall and is intended to relieve traffic in the city center. In both projects, Pelgrim stood up as an advocate of urban modernity, in order to strengthen the regional importance of the city and to make it sustainable.

From 2005 to 2019, Pelgrim was Baden-Württemberg's state chairman of the Social Democratic Community for Local Politics , the association of local politicians in the SPD.

In the state elections in Baden-Württemberg in 2011 , Pelgrim ran as an SPD candidate in the Hohenlohe state electoral district . In the event of a move into the state parliament of Baden-Württemberg , he also wanted to remain Lord Mayor Schwäbisch Halls. Despite the SPD winning votes, he was not elected to the state parliament in his constituency.

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