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Hermann Arthur Lier (born February 1, 1857 in Herrnhut , † February 8, 1914 in Radebeul ) was a German librarian and publicist .


Lier's tomb

After graduating from high school in Zittau , Lier first studied history in Munich (among others with Wilhelm von Giesebrecht ) and art history. From 1879 he continued his studies at the University of Leipzig , where he in 1882 with a thesis on the Augsburg humanist circle with special reference Bernhard Adel's of Adelmannsfelden doctorate was, he used one of his 1880 essay written for those policies.

The year before, he had already started working as an unskilled worker at the Royal Public Library in Dresden . There he was appointed fourth curator in 1888 and librarian in 1896 and worked in the Japanese Palace , the library domicile at that time , until his death . Lier played a major role in the transfer of the princely library of the Duchy of Oels in 1885. After the death of Duke Wilhelm of Braunschweig and Lüneburg (1806–1884), it came into the possession of King Albert of Saxony , who received it as a gift from the Dresden library handed over.

His journalistic activities are reflected in numerous essays and books on the fine arts, but also on Dresden library holdings. He has published numerous articles in newspapers and magazines on these topics. In addition, he worked on the “ General Historical Portrait Work ” by Woldemar von Seidlitz and the General German Biography . In 1913, Lier received the Knight's Cross first class from the Saxon Order of Albrecht .

Lier died at home in the Radebeul district of Serkowitz , at Mozartstrasse 4. His grave is in the neighboring Kötzschenbroda on the Radebeul-West cemetery .


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