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Hermann Slupwachter (also Schlupwachter ; * 1420 in Greifswald ; † 1490 ) was a German Roman Catholic theologian and legal scholar.


Hermann Slupwachter came from a wealthy Greifswald council family and was the son of Johann Slupwachter and his wife Lutgard. In 1436 he was enrolled at the University of Rostock . In 1441 he moved to the University of Leipzig .

He later became a thesaurus at the Camminer Cathedral and pastor in Stralsund . Slupwachter was related to Heinrich Rubenow and actively involved in the founding process of the University of Greifswald . He mediated between the Bishop of Cammim Henning Iven and the Bishop of Brandenburg Stephan Bodecker . He was appointed curator of the college and received a professorship in canon law. In 1456 he was a member of the concilium universitatis . In the following year he became canon of the newly established collegiate monastery at St. Nikolai Cathedral . He also had a vicarie at the St. Marien Church and owned extensive property in the city. 1460 he became Henry Rubenow to the doctor of canon law doctorate and 1460 dean at the Greifswald cathedral chapter. In 1458, 1463 and 1471 he was rector of the university, in 1476 its vice-chancellor.

Slupwachter was General Official of the Bishop of Cammin and Councilor of the Dukes of Pomerania-Wolgast . The Greifswald lawyers Johannes Parleberg , Georg Walter , Sabel Siegfried and Hermann Slupwachter were used as mediators in the Stettin succession dispute and in 1472 achieved the conclusion of the Prenzlau Peace Treaty with the Electorate of Brandenburg .

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