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Heinrich Rubenow

Heinrich Rubenow (* around 1400 ; † December 31, 1462 in Greifswald ) was a Greifswald mayor and played a key role in founding the University of Greifswald .


Rubenow came from a long-established Greifswald family who had lived in the city since the 14th century and had a decisive influence there. His great-grandfather had the title of Magister, his grandfather was also the mayor of Greifswald. Heinrich Rubenow was initially a student at the St. Marien School in Greifswald, attended the University of Rostock from 1435 and obtained his doctorate at the University of Erfurt in 1447 . In 1449 he became mayor of Greifswald.

Rubenow persisted in founding a Pomeranian university in Greifswald. As a wealthy citizen, he made several thousand marks available to equip the university and left his library to the future law faculty. He could get the support of the Camminer Bishop Henning von Iven and the Duke Wartislaw IX. win from Pomerania. He founded the university in 1456.

The university was opened by Rubenow on October 17, 1456 in the Nikolaikirche , which was elevated to the rank of cathedral on this occasion. Participants were among others Bishop Henning von Iven, who was the foundation bull of Pope Kalixt III. carried along and Duke Wartislaw. Rubenow was appointed Vice Chancellor, Duke Wartislaw's deputy in the academic council and first rector. At the same time, he received the power to appoint and dismiss university teachers. Due to numerous hostilities, he had to flee Greifswald in September 1457; Sabel Siegfried from Stralsund , with whom he was distantly related, offered him shelter in Stralsund . After his return in December 1457 his opponents were expelled from the city and one was executed. In 1459, Wartislaw X. endowed Rubenow with extensive rights comparable to those of today's minister of culture .

Rubenow was also involved in the construction of the collegiate church of St. Nikolai, a part of the clerical beneficiaries was donated by him and provided with the necessary goods.

Probably at the instigation of his enemies, Mayor Lange and the Councilor of the East, Rubenov was murdered on New Year's Eve 1462. He was buried in the Franciscan Church in Greifswald. The power struggles that began after his death could only be ended with the deployment of ducal troops. His successor as Mayor of Greifswald was Peter Warschow .

Honor and memory

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The Rubenowdenkmal on the Rubenowplatz with the baroque main university building in the background.

On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of the university, the Greifswald historian Theodor Pyl wrote the drama Heinrich Rubenow or the foundation of the University of Greifswald in 1856 . The importance of Rubenov was fully appreciated for the first time. As part of the 550th anniversary celebration, this drama was performed again in a newly revised version in a staged reading by the Theater Vorpommern in Greifswald.

In the Greifswald city center, a street and the square in front of the university were named after Heinrich Rubenow. Since 1877 (1890) a memorial plaque on the facade of the Schuhhagen 11 house has been commemorating the place where his father's house stood.

In the church of St. Mary there is a memorial stone that commemorates the murder of Rubenov.

The Rubenow panel , a late Gothic panel painting showing Rubenow with six other professors: Bernhard Bodeker , Wilken Bolen , Johannes Lamside , Bertold Segeberg , Johannis Tidemann and Nicolaus Theodorici de Amsterdam , is located in the St. Nikolai Cathedral. A tape on this board contains the text: “First rector of the university, Wartislaw IX. founded under the direction of Rubenov ”.

The Rubenow monument consists of a slender pinnacle and shows rich pictorial decorations on the history of the university. During the preparations for the anniversary celebrations for the 400th anniversary of the university, the erection of a memorial for the founder was initiated. The Berlin architect Friedrich August Stüler created the monument as a replica of the Kreuzberg monument in Berlin. On October 17, 1856, the Rubenow monument was ceremoniously unveiled.

In the anniversary year of 1856, the largest Greifswald sailing ship, a barque , was launched on October 18 at the Greifswald shipyard in Wittenberg . With 259 loads and a crew of 13, she was also one of the largest ships in the German merchant fleet at the time and was named Rubenow in honor of the university's founder . The ship belonged to the Greifswald shipping company JD Hagen and was under the command of the captains Peter Marquardt and CD Stüdemann. The Rubenow was still registered in Greifswald in 1865.

Since 2004, the Rubenow Medal has been awarded as the city of Greifswald's highest honor.

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