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Johann Franz Rudolph Hermann von Heinemann (born March 1, 1812 in Helmstedt , † December 18, 1871 in Braunschweig ) was a German entomologist (butterfly collector) and full-time finance advisor.


Heinemann comes from a family of civil servants. His grandfather, the Brunswick Lieutenant Colonel Ernst Christoph Heinemann (1734–1785) brought the imperial nobility into the family in 1781. His parents were the district court director Friedrich Joachim von Heinemann (1770-1854) and his wife Charlotte, née Meinders (1785-1854). He had several known brothers:


Heinemann attended high school in Helmstedt and from 1833 studied law in Göttingen and Jena. During his studies he became a member of the Allemannia Göttingen fraternity in 1831 and of the Arminia Jena fraternity in 1832 . After his studies he was out of a job for a while, as he was suspected of demagogic activities as a member of the fraternity . During this time he dealt with entomology until after several years he was finally admitted to the first and second state examinations. He embarked on the career of an administrative lawyer, was a trainee lawyer and from 1844 customs secretary in the customs and tax administration in Braunschweig. In 1851 he became an assessor and in 1854 a tax adviser.

At first he mainly collected beetles, from the 1840s onwards, increasingly, butterflies. He first described some small butterflies such as Prays ruficeps (as Oecophora ruficeps). From 1858 he published a monograph on butterflies in Germany, of which the volumes on small butterflies became particularly important. It was completed by Maximilian Ferdinand Wocke based on Heinemann's notes. He studied moths in particular and also attracted international attention with a new system and description of the genus Nepticula .

His collection of small butterflies came to the Hannover Provincial Museum (today Lower Saxony State Museum Hannover) through purchase. His collection of large butterflies is lost.

Heinemann was President of the Association for Natural Sciences in Braunschweig in 1864/65 and 1869/70.

An ornamental moth named after Hermann von Heinemann : Scythris heinemanni

Some butterflies are named in his honor, such as Scythris heinemanni (Möschler 1869, as Butalis heinemanni).


Heinemann married Theodora Gerstell (1829-1893) on November 5, 1851. The couple had several children:


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In 1870 he published the 4th edition of Fr. Berge's butterfly book.


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