Duchy of Alençon

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The county of Alençon and subsequently the Duchy of Alençon came into being relatively late. The county was formed around 1080 around the rule Bellême , whose heiress Mabile Roger II. De Montgommery († 1094) married, who was the first to bear the title of Count of Alençon. The last of his descendants, Countess Alix , sold the county to King Philip II. King Louis IX in 1220 . gave it in 1268 to his fifth son, Peter , who died without children. Philip IV gave Alençon to his brother Karl von Valois in 1291 , who left it to his second son Charles II , whose descendants kept the county, from 1404 as a peerage and from 1414 as a duchy, until it was united with the crown in 1549.

Lords of Alençon

Bellême house

Counts of Alençon

House Montgommery

Armoiries Alençon-Bellême.svg

1217–1269 French crown domain


Blason comte for Alencon.svg

1283–1291 French crown domain

House Valois

The county was expanded in 1291 to include the dominions of Moulins-la-Marche , Bonmoulin , Sainte-Scolasse , Domfront , Argentan and Exmes .

Dukes of Alençon

House Valois

Alençon reverted to the French crown in 1549.