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Heads of State · Nekrolog

Jan Hus before the Council of Constance
The theologian and reformer Jan Hus
is arrested as a heretic at the Council of Constance .
Tommaso Mocenigos coat of arms
Tommaso Mocenigo becomes
Doge of Venice .
Ernst the Iron Man with his sons
The Habsburg
Ernst der Eiserne calls himself
Archduke of Carinthia .
1414 in other calendars
Armenian calendar 862/863 (turn of the year July)
Ethiopian calendar 1406/07
Aztec calendar 12th house - Matlactli omome Calli (until the end of January / beginning of February: 11th Feuerstein - Matlactli ozce Tecpatl )
Buddhist calendar 1957/58 (southern Buddhism); 1956/57 (alternative calculation according to Buddhas Parinirvana )
Chinese calendar 68th (69th) cycle

Year of the wood horse甲午 ( at the beginning of the year water snake 癸巳)

Chula Sakarat (Siam, Myanmar) / Dai calendar (Vietnam) 776/777 (turn of the year April)
Iranian calendar 792/793
Islamic calendar 816/817 (turn of the year 22/23 March)
Jewish calendar 5174/75 (September 14/15)
Coptic calendar 1130/31
Malayalam calendar 591/592
Seleucid era Babylon: 1724/25 (turn of the year April)

Syria: 1725/26 (turn of the year October)

Spanish era 1452
Vikram Sambat (Nepalese Calendar) 1470/71 (turn of the year April)


Politics and world events

England / France / Burgundy

Holy Roman Empire

Friedrich VI., Burgrave of Nuremberg, who later became Margrave of Brandenburg

Teutonic Order State and Eastern Europe

Michael Küchmeister

Republic of Venice

Southern Italy

Coat of arms of Johanna von Anjou-Durazzo (Queen of Naples, Titular Queen of Jerusalem and Titular Queen of Hungary)



First documentary mentions


Council of Constance

Fall of John XXIII on the way to the Council of Constance ( Richental Chronicle)
  • November 5 : In Constance , Antipope John XXIII opens . the Council of Constance to overcome the occidental schism .
  • November 28 : The priest and theologian Jan Hus , who has received a summons to the council and followed it with a letter from the emperor about safe conduct, is arrested as a heretic at the instigation of the pope, taken to the bishop's palace near the Konstanz cathedral and im House of the cathedral cantor held prisoner for a week.
The former Dominican monastery with a round prison tower in which Hus was held
  • December 6th : Jan Hus is detained in a semicircular extension of the Dominican monastery on the Dominican island in the dungeon.
  • At the end of the year, King Sigismund takes part in the council and, after consulting some influential theologians, issues rules of procedure for the assembly that stipulate that votes are taken according to nationes and not, as has been the case up to now, by heads in order to prevent the Italian bishops from becoming a majority . There are a total of five nationes in Constance : Italica , Gallicana , Germanica , including the Scandinavians, Poles, Lithuanians, Croats, Hungarians, and Bohemia, Anglica and Hispanica .

Church hierarchy

Foundations of monasteries

South elevation of Kilconnell Monastery
  • The monastery Kilconnell founded by William O'Kelly as house for the Franciscans in the Diocese of Clonfert.


  • The forced Disputation of Tortosa between Christian and Jewish scholars in the crown of Aragon belonging Principality of Catalonia ends after one and a half years. The results are published in the papal bull, Etsi Doctoris Gentium . It includes a partial ban on the Talmud , restrictions in the practice of the profession, further segregation and the obligation to listen to Christian sermons several times a year.


Date of birth saved

Exact date of birth unknown

Born around 1414


Date of death secured

Archbishop Arundel
High grave of Friedrich III. from Saar Werden in Cologne Cathedral

Exact date of death unknown

Died around 1414

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