High chaparral

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Television series
German title High chaparral
Original title The High Chaparral
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1967-1971
length 48 minutes
Episodes 98 in 4 seasons ( list )
genre Western film
idea David Dortort
music David Rose (theme music), Harry Sukman
First broadcast September 10, 1967 (USA) on NBC
first broadcast
March 11, 1969 on ZDF

High Chaparral (original title: The High Chaparral ) is a Western - TV Series , the 1967 to 1971 in 97 episodes (one pilot and 96 episodes) for the US channel NBC was produced.


Big John Cannon is a tough rancher. He ran the High Chaparral Ranch in Arizona in the second half of the 19th century (the first episode takes place in 1863). After losing his wife in a robbery, he and his brother Buck have to look after their son Billy Blue and the herds of cattle. There are constant conflicts with cattle thieves and Indians. At the beginning of the series, Big John forms an alliance with his hostile neighbor, the powerful landowner Montoya. However, this makes it a condition that Big John Victoria , his temperamental daughter, marries, so that the alliance is sealed in the family. After the wedding, Victoria's brother Manolito also lives with the Cannons .


The series is based on an idea by David Dortort, who previously created the classic Bonanza .

From March 1969 to June 1972 initially 45 episodes ran on ZDF . 23 more episodes followed on Sat.1 in the mid-80s . In 1996, kabel eins showed the complete series for the first time, with the 30 episodes not previously shown being dubbed with completely different speakers. The free to air station Anixe HD showed the series for the first time in 2010 in HD quality.

Voice actor

role actor Voice actor
Big John Cannon Leif Erickson Arnold Marquis (1st voice)
Eberhard Mellies (2nd voice)
Buck Cannon Cameron Mitchell Heinz Petruo (1st voice)
Gerd Holtenau (2nd voice)
Manolito Montoya Henry Darrow Rolf Schult (1st voice)
Frank Ciazynski (2nd voice)
Victoria Cannon Linda Cristal Renate Küster (1st voice)
Cordula Hubrich (2nd voice)
Friederike Aust (3rd voice)
William 'Billy Blue' Cannon Mark Slade Christian Brückner (1st voice)
David Nathan (2nd voice)
Uwe Paulsen (3rd voice)
Sam Butler Don Collier Wolfgang Amerbacher (1st voice)
Ronald Nitschke (2nd voice)
Thomas Kästner (3rd voice)
Don Sebastian Montoya Frank Silvera Hans W. Hamacher (1st voice)
Fritz Decho (2nd voice)


High Chaparral was published in Germany as a complete edition on 26 DVD. The individual seasons 1 to 3 are offered with 7 DVDs each and the 4th season has a volume of 5 DVDs.


1970 was Linda Cristal a Golden Globe in the category "Best Actress in a TV Series - Drama".

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