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Hilti AG

legal form Corporation
ISIN CH0001010971
founding 1941
Seat Schaan , LiechtensteinLiechtensteinLiechtenstein 
management Christoph Loos
Number of employees ~ 30,000 (2020)
sales 5.133 billion CHF (2017)
Branch Fastening technology
Website www.hilti.group

The Hilti AG is a Liechtenstein tool manufacturer headquartered in Schaan . The company, which is well known for its electro- pneumatic rotary hammer , is a specialist in fastening technology . Hilti AG employs around 30,000 people worldwide, around 1,500 of them in Liechtenstein, making it the second largest employer in the Principality after ThyssenKrupp Presta AG .


Foundation and first years

On December 1, 1941, the brothers Martin (1915–1997) and Eugen Hilti (1911–1964) founded Maschinenbau Hilti OHG as a supplier to the German armaments industry in Schaan in the Principality of Liechtenstein , where the company's headquarters are still located today . In the production of Hilti OHG it was partly about functionally important war goods such as components for tank engines, partly about war material such as elements of missile fuses. Mainly the armaments companies Maybach-Motorenbau in Friedrichshafen and Robert Bosch GmbH in Stuttgart were supplied .

Production started with six employees, and by the end of the war the workforce rose to 91. With the collapse of the German Empire, Hilti OHG ran into economic difficulties and almost went bankrupt due to considerable outstanding debts. It was not until 1950 that a successful new start could be made with the entry into fastening technology.

In 1952 Hilti brought the first self-developed direct fastening device Perfix onto the market and increasingly developed in the direction of fastening technology. In 1960 Maschinenbau Hilti OHG was finally converted into Maschinenbau Hilti Aktiengesellschaft .

Hilti concrete drill
Hilti cordless hammer

Electropneumatic rotary hammers

In 1967, the Hilti TE 17, the company's best-known range of products, began: the small electro-pneumatic rotary hammers in the 5 kg class. These are power tools that are larger than an electric hand drill, but can drill into concrete particularly efficiently and with little contact force on the part of the user, which is why they were able to spread quickly in the construction industry. This drilling principle was originally patented in 1914 by the much older power tool manufacturer C. & E. Fein . Over the decades the patent was not extended any further. So it was accessible to many manufacturers, above all the Bosch company .

The company today

Hilti AG headquarters in Schaan

Hilti AG had 21,139 employees at the end of 2012 (2011: 21,848) and had branches in over 120 countries. The net profit in 2012 was 194 million CHF (after 97 million in 2011) and the net turnover in 2012 was around 4.2 billion CHF.

All voting shares are owned by the Martin Hilti Family Trust . Between 1986 and 2003, the company's non-voting participation certificates were traded on the stock exchange.

In 2003, the family largely bought back the participation certificates and then took them off the stock exchange, with the remaining investors being made a takeover offer, which almost all of them accepted. 99% of the shares are now in the assets of the Hilti family trust. From 1990 onwards, Michael Hilti , the son of the founder Martin Hilti, was at the helm of Hilti AG. Since 2007, Michael Hilti has been a simple member of the Board of Directors, whose management is now taken over by Pius Baschera, Chairman of the Board of Management until the end of 2006. At the same time, the former Chief Technology Officer Bo Risberg moved to the top of the board. In March 2013, the company announced that Risberg would retire at the end of the year. CFO Christoph Loos has headed the company since 2014.


The headquarters of the Hilti Group are located in Schaan in the Principality of Liechtenstein . The headquarters of Hilti Germany is located in Kaufering , in the Upper Bavarian district of Landsberg am Lech . Hilti Austria's headquarters are in Vienna and Hilti Switzerland's in Adliswil .


Hilti AG sales point in New York (2010)

The products are sold via our own sales advisors, our own customer service (telephone / fax), online via the Hilti website www.hilti.de (exclusively for Germany ), otherwise www.hilti.com and via our own shops, known as Hilti stores . The products are mainly sold to people with a trade license. A special service is Hilti fleet management , where customers do not have to buy the tools, but can rent them at a fixed monthly price (including all repair and maintenance costs).

Business areas

Hilti is known to a broad public for its drilling and demolition technology. However, Hilti has a wide range of products that consists of a total of seven business areas:

  • Anchor systems
  • Direct and screw fastening
  • Fire protection systems
  • Diamond systems
  • Measuring systems
  • Installation systems
  • Electric tools and accessories


Hilti Foundation

The Hilti Foundation is committed to projects in the cultural, social and scientific fields as well as in the educational field. a. marine archaeological projects funded.

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