Humbert V. (Beaujeu)

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Humbert V (* 1189 ; † July 25, 1250 in Palestine ) was a lord of Beaujeu and Connétable of France from the House of Beaujeu .

He was the eldest son of Guichard IV of Beaujeu († 1216) and the Sibyl of Hainaut. On his mother's side, he was related to the French royal family and a cousin of Connétable Mathieu II. De Montmorency .


Humbert took part in the Albigensian Crusade in the entourage of King Louis VIII of France in 1226 and was then appointed Seneschal of Carcassonne . After the king's death in the same year, he was commissioned by the regent Blanka of Castile with the continuation of the crusade and captured the castle of Bessade (Besse), which was defended by Olivier de Termes .

Possibly in 1228 Humbert was in discussion for the successor of his deceased cousin, Emperor Robert , or for the reign of the underage Emperor Baldwin II in the Latin Empire in Constantinople . At least two north French chronicles tell of his supposed successor in the empire in that year. Since there are no other reports on this, especially not from Constantinople, this may be incorrect information, or Humbert rejected any request for a regency at an early stage. In 1239, however, as the leader of a French army of knights in the entourage of Emperor Baldwin II, he then moved to Constantinople, where he worked for him against the Greek rival Emperor John III until late in 1240 . Vatatzes has fought. By March 1241 at the latest, he returned to France, where he signed his deeds in Pontoise , and was apparently appointed royal connétable in the same year as the successor to Amalrich VII of Montfort , who died on the crusade of the barons in the same year .

He also took part in the sixth crusade under King Louis IX. from France to Egypt , where like the king he was captured by the Mameluks . After his release, he accompanied the king to Acre , where he died shortly afterwards.

Humbert married Marguerite de Baugé († before March 1252) on July 15, 1219 , mistress of Miribel in 1218/50, daughter of Guy de Baugé, master of Miribel. Your children were:


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