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Ilse Schidlof (born November 13, 1923 in Göllersdorf in Lower Austria ; † January 23, 2009 in Hamm ) was a Jewish refugee from Vienna . She lived in England from 1938 to 1958 , then in Hamm until her death. She was the sister of the musician Peter Schidlof and donated the reparations she received for the forcibly expropriated property of her parents ( Aryanization ), for the restoration of the Gothic church in Vipperow , which is considered the oldest church in the Müritz area , and one of the oldest in Mecklenburg .


Ilse Schidlof was born as the daughter of the Jewish businessman Wilhelm Schidlof and his wife Paula Schidlof, b. Steinhardt, used Friedmann born. On the night of March 11-12, 1938, the National Socialists broke into the Schidlof's house, smashed the display windows and looted the shop. The family had to leave their home within 24 hours. From September 24, 1938 she was registered at Taborstrasse 24a in the 2nd district of Vienna. Wilhelm and Paula Schidlof's general store was "aryanized", and family-owned land was forcibly sold below price. Only a small part of the proceeds was available to the family.

Warner's Holiday Camp in Dovercourt served as a temporary camp for many refugees.

At the end of 1938, Ilse Schidlof and her brother Hans fled to England on a children's transport run by the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien , because the children in "affiliated" Austria were no longer safe as Jews. The siblings reached Harwich on December 12, 1938 and were housed together at Dovercourt Camp . No news had arrived from the parents who remained in Austria since 1942, so Siegmund Nissel offered to investigate when they were there. He reported that they were considered missing. Only later did it become known that the parents had been deported from Vienna to the Izbica transit camp on April 9, 1942 , and murdered.

The Amadeus Quartet, on the right Ilse Schidlof's brother Hans, who now called himself Peter Schidlof

Peter Schidlof, as Hans called himself in the meantime, became a violist and co-founder of the London Amadeus Quartet , Ilse earned her living as a servant from 1939, became a nurse in a hospital and later worked as a “matron” (housemother) in boarding schools. She received British citizenship. The declaration of death of the parents by the Vienna Regional Court for Civil Law Matters took place on July 26, 1949.

In 1958 she moved to the Windsor Boys' School of the British Rhine Army in Hamm, where she died at the age of 85. Through her friend Doris Prüß-Böhmer, she bequeathed part of her fortune to the Vipperower support group “Church in the Village”, which is used exclusively for the restoration of the whitewashed and damaged wall paintings in the village church of Vipperow . This concerns her savings from the compensation payment for expropriations in the Third Reich, the so-called reparation . The Vipperower Church is the oldest church in the region. The restoration began in 2012 and was completed in 2014.

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