Jakob Wilhelm Benedikt von Langenmantel

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Jakob Wilhelm Benedikt von Langenmantel, engraving by Klauber , 1777

Jakob Wilhelm Benedikt von Langenmantel , also Jakob Wilhelm Benedikt Langenmantel von Westheim and Ottmarshausen (born March 16, 1720 in Augsburg , † April 17, 1790 in Augsburg) was an Augsburg patrician and mayor of the Langenmantel family .

Live and act

Jakob Wilhelm Benedikt von Langenmantel belonged to the line from the double R or von Westheim, the patrician family of the same name. He was the son of Joseph Wilhelm von Langenmantel and his wife Maria Juliana born. from Deuring to Stätzling and Hohenthann . The family was Catholic.

Langenmantel attended the Jesuit College St. Salvator in Augsburg together with Leopold Mozart (father of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart ) . Both were close friends and moved to Salzburg together in 1737 to study philosophy there.

On January 12, 1744, Jakob Wilhelm Benedikt von Langenmantel married Josepha Margaretha Walburga Baroness Scharffeder von Rickerting zu Kollersaich and Schöllnach in Augsburg.

In 1743 the patrician became senator of the city government, in 1757 witness and provisions lord (responsible for the defense of the city), in 1761 Ungeldherr (administrator of the city tax system) and in 1774 Imperial Privy Councilor , land vogt and city administrator (mayor). He remained in this office until his death in 1790.

On the occasion of a visit to Augsburg, Franz Alois Mozart, father of Maria Anna Thekla Mozart and uncle of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, introduced his nephew to Stadtpfleger Langenmantel on October 12, 1777. Since this Mozart kept waiting for a long time and remained cautious about him, the composer was annoyed with him. His son Jakob Alois Karl Langenmantel von Westheim also fell out of favor with Mozart, because he had been arrogant towards him; however, he later apologized to the artist.

Jakob Wilhelm Benedikt von Langenmantel belonged together with the doctor Georg Friedrich Gutermann (father of Sophie von La Roche ) as an enthusiastic member of the Natural Science Society of Augsburg. His brother Franz Joseph Ignaz Langenmantel was a Benedictine abbot in the city and won him as a financial sponsor of the historian Johann Georg von Lori .

In 1777, Langenmantel and his wife had the "Langenmantelkapelle" (St. Kosmas and Damian ) built by his family in Westheim (Neusäß) expanded, renovated and equipped with a new high altar. A contemporary inscription plaque reminds of this in the church.

Langenmantel died unexpectedly at home on the evening of April 17, 1790. He suffered a stroke . The burial took place on the 21st of the month in the Catholic city cemetery , where a grave monument was erected for him, the inscription of which Ferdinand Seydel handed down in the book "Guide to the graves and collection of all inscriptions in the Catholic cemetery in Augsburg" (page 89). On April 23, a solemn requiem was held for the mayor of St. Moritz , and the city military wore a mourning ribbon on their uniform sleeves for 14 days.


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