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Jiichirō Date ( Japanese 伊達 治 一郎 , Date Jiichirō ; born January 6, 1952 in Ōita Prefecture , Japan ; † February 20, 2018 ) was a Japanese wrestler . He was a 1976 Olympic champion in free style welterweight .


Jiichirō Date, about whose origin and his sporting development is unknown, appeared in the first half of the 1970s at three international wrestling events, of which he won two. He wrestled in free style in welterweight, the weight class that had its weight limit of 74 kg at the time.

In 1973, at the age of 21, he started at the World Cup in Toledo (Ohio) , where he won ahead of Ruslan Nuralijewitsch Aschuralijew from the USSR and Stanley Dziedzic from the United States, two wrestlers who belonged to the absolute world class.

His next start took place at the 1975 World Cup in Minsk . He won there over such strong wrestlers as Carl Adams from the United States, Dan Karabín from Czechoslovakia and others. Kiro Ristow from Yugoslavia , but had to be shouldered by Mansour Barzegar from Iran after 1:17 minutes of fighting time and by Ruslan Aschuraljiew after 8:21 minutes of fighting time and came in 3rd place.

At the Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976 he was further improved and was there with seven victories in superior style Olympic champion . He celebrated shoulder victories over Dennis Herrick from Puerto Rico after 1:17 minutes of fighting time, Dsewegiin Düwtschin from Mongolia after 1:39, Fred Hempel from the GDR after 7:03, Yo Yee-Kwon from South Korea after 2:13, Marin Pârcălabu from Romania after 4:06 and World Champion Mansour Barzegar after 6:07 minutes. Only against the American Stanley Dziedzic he had to go over the full fighting time of 9 minutes and defeated him with 10: 5 points. In the trade journal Der Ringer , No. 7/8 from 1976, page 12, it says succinctly: "Jiichiro Date was by far the best wrestler at the Olympic tournament."

After this victory, Jiichirō Date was no longer at any international championship. He became a trainer and worked at various martial arts schools in Japan . From 1991 he supervised the sumo wrestler Musashimaru and led him to yokozuna , the highest rank awarded in sumo.

International success

year space event Weight class
1973 1. World Cup in Toledo (Ohio) Welter before Ruslan Aschuraliew , USSR a . Stanley Dziedzic , USA
1975 3. World Championship in Minsk Welter with victories over Carl Adams , USA , Dan Karabín , CSSR a . Kiro Ristow , Yugoslavia a . Defeats against Mansour Barzegar u. Ruslan Nuralievich Ashuraliev
1976 gold Olympic Games in Montreal Welter with victories over Dennis Herrick , Puerto Rico , Dsewegiin Düwtschin , Mongolia , Fred Hempel , GDR , Yo Yee-Kwon, South Korea , Marin Pârcălabu , Romania , Stanley Dziedzic u. Mansour Barzegar


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