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Joachim Lehrmann (* 1949 in Einbeck ) is a German engineer , genealogist , local historian and author of regional history . He has lived in Hämelerwald in the Hanover region since 1972 .

life and work

education and profession

Joachim Lehrmann grew up in Einbeck, attended the Goethe School there and learned the trade of toolmaker. He completed his training as the state winner of this subject in the performance competition of the German craft for the federal states of Lower Saxony and Bremen (Landesinnungsverband Metall Niedersachsen and Bremen) in 1970. He studied mechanical and apparatus engineering at the Hanover University of Applied Sciences with a degree in engineering . He temporarily led the corps of the Tubalia student association.

During his career in research and pre-development ( construction and control technology ) at WABCO-Westinghouse GmbH in Hanover with a focus on automotive control technology ( pneumatics and electronics ), he was one of a small group of developers and inventors of a new type of electropneumatic circuit for heavy commercial vehicles. It was one of the decisive factors behind the choice of the Mercedes-Benz SK (heavy class) as " Truck of the year " in 1990.

Commitment to regional history and nature

Already in his youth, Joachim Lehrmann developed an interest in the local history of the region between Lüneburg Heath , Harz and Weser . Research into our own ancestors in this area provided the impetus for numerous family and regional history publications, including 10 books and numerous articles.

As an adolescent, Lehrmann dealt with botany and entomology . His formative teachers and accompanying mentors included the nature conservation officer for the Einbeck district , Jürgen Koch, and the parasitic wasp researcher Rolf Hinz . A butterfly collection built up by Lehrmann in this context has been available for research at the University of Rostock since 2018 .

Lehrmann conducted his own family research for decades , a. a. regarding his ancestral family van Twedorp / von Zweydorff , together with Dieter von Zweydorff from Rostock. The results were largely incorporated into his "Family Tables von Zweydorff / van Twedorp" 1984 as well as the first volumes of the subsequent additions to the tables from 2006. In this context, numerous Braunschweig and Lüneburg patrician families were researched . Their constant involvement in feuds of the Middle Ages led to publications on the topics of robber barons and robber gangs from a regional perspective.

After archival activities, especially with regard to own ancestors as mill owners and paper manufacturers ( handmade paper ), etc. a. in the mill village of Räbke am Elm, Lehrmann described this place as “Lower Saxony's old paper-making village”, one of the temporarily large paper locations in Lower Saxony and Prussia. These activities also shed light on the early history of the book trade and the history of publishing at what was then Lower Saxony's only university in Helmstedt . As part of his research on the history of paper, Lehrmann showed the importance of the Duchy of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel in the invention of wood paper . Women among his ancestors who were accused of witchcraft prompted him to research and deal with witch trials. This led to the discovery of the forgotten committed fighter against the then established witch madness Justus Oldekop , who was quite lonely in his time.


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Other media

  • CD: Genealogy of mobile groups of people - exciting history and overcoming many dead spots . 2005. Overview in the accompanying brochure p. 45.
  • CD: Justus Oldekop and the Hexenwahn (script & direction: Silas Degen, Radio Tonkuhle 2017), historical radio play based on "For and against the madness"

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