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Jeanne d'Albret
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Jeanne III. of Navarre , better known as Jeanne d'Albret (born January 7, 1528 in Pau , Aquitaine , France , † June 9, 1572 in Paris ), was Countess of Rodez and Queen of Navarre from 1555 to 1572 . She was one of the busiest and most influential women in France around the middle of the 16th century.


Johanna was the daughter of Henry II (1503–1555), known as Henri d'Albret , King of Navarre (1517–1555) and of Margaret of Navarra , sister of the French King Franz I.

In 1541 she married Wilhelm V , Duke of Jülich-Kleve-Berg; however, the marriage was not consummated and five years later annulled. At the instigation of her mother and uncle, she married Anton von Bourbon (1518–1562), son of Charles de Bourbon (1489–1537), Duke of Vendôme , and his wife Françoise d'Alençon in 1548 .

Under the influence of Théodore de Bèze , a colleague of Calvin , she converted to Calvinism in Nérac in August 1560 . Three years later she introduced Calvin's catechism in the Béarn ( Pau and environs) and supported the new faith in a variety of ways.

As Queen of Navarre, she pursued the eradication of Catholic doctrine, creating tension with the French court. Renée de France , Duchess of Ferrara and herself committed to Protestantism, criticized her fanaticism and assessed Johanna's activities as dangerous to the state. Her son Heinrich was supposed to be the first Prince of the Blood to be brought to court in Paris, but she resisted and so her son experienced his early childhood in Navarre. However, she could soon no longer resist the call and he spent the next time at the request of the Queen Mother Catherine of Medici in France. In the period that followed, she gave the Huguenots at least moral support and died a few days before her son's blood wedding in Paris.

Title by birth

Monument to Jeanne d'Albret in Paris, Jardin du Luxembourg
  • Queen of Navarre (1555–1572)
  • Duchess of Albret (1555–1572)
  • Countess of Limoges (1555–1572)
  • Countess of Foix (1555–1572)
  • Countess of Armagnac (1555–1572)
  • Countess of Bigorre (1555–1572)
  • Countess of Périgord (1555–1572)
  • Countess of Rodez (1555–1572)

Title by marriage


  • Heinrich (September 21, 1551 - August 20, 1553), Duke of Beaumont
  • Heinrich (13 December 1553 - 14 May 1610), initially as Heinrich III. King of Navarre (1572–1610), later as Henry IV, King of France (1589–1610)
  • Louis-Charles (February 19, 1554 - February 13, 1557)
  • Madeleine (April 12, 1557 - April 25, 1557)
  • Catherine (February 7, 1559 - February 13, 1604); ∞ Duke Henry II of Lorraine


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