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Johannes Baader (born June 22, 1875 in Stuttgart - according to another source in Marbach am Neckar ; † January 15, 1955 in Adldorf , Lower Bavaria ) was a German architect , writer , Dadaist and action artist .


Baader came from a middle-class family of craftsmen (Flaschnermeisterei and Oberhof supplier). The father was called Adolf Baader, the mother Johanna geb. Weigle. Johannes Baader attended from 1892 to 1895, the Construction School in Stuttgart and studied there from 1898 to 1899 Architecture . In 1905 he met Raoul Hausmann , who in the course of time introduced him to the circle of later Berlin Dadaists. Baader's world view is culturally pessimistic and religious- occultist . As a person and an artist, he was filled with a missionary urge that led to eccentric ideas and productions.

In 1906 Baader planned to build a world temple for the “International Interreligious Association of People”. In a series of letters ( 14 Letters of Christ , 1914) he passed himself off as the risen Christ . After sensational Christ happenings in the Berlin Cathedral (November 1918) and in the new Weimar Reichstag (leaflet Grüne Leiche , spring 1919), he took part in the First International Dada Fair in 1920. As Oberdada he organized Dada tours with Raoul Hausmann and Richard Hülsenbeck and in 1921 founded the "First Intertelluric Academy". From 1925 he worked as a journalist in Hamburg .

During the uncertain time, religious enthusiasm had increased, and a congress of the various supposed Christ revenants of the time (the so-called inflation saints ) and their supporters was held in Thuringia in 1930 . Baader flew onto the premises in a Lufthansa plane , made a grand entrance as a true Christ and left the place and the speechless people present. Since 1941 he worked again as an architect.

Johannes Baader died in 1955 at the age of 79 in a retirement home in Lower Bavaria.


  • DADA will save the world!
  • What does Jesus Christ mean to you? He's just like you - he doesn't care!
  • We don't care about Jesus Christ!

(Baader at his appearance in the Berlin Cathedral in 1918)


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