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José Luis Munuera (2009)

José Luis Munuera (born April 21, 1972 in Lorca ) is a Spanish cartoonist .


He studied art in Granada for 5 years , but dropped out in favor of drawing comics.

He started with the story No Hay Domingos en el Infierno , published by a Spanish publisher. At the Festival International de la Bande Dessinée d'Angoulême he met Joann Sfar , with whom he created the series Les Potamoks (Delcourt, 1996–97) and Merlin (Delcourt, 1999–2002).

He has been working with the author Jean-David Morvan since 1999. That year they brought out Sir Pyle S. Culape. In 2002 Morvan took over the Merlin series from Sfar; Munuera and Morvan also created five Nävis albums. Between 2004 and 2006, they both made four new albums for the classic Spirou and Fantasio series , which they took over from Tome and Janry .

Munuera's role models are Jean Giraud and Uderzo .

His series are in the style of André Franquin ( Gaston , Spirou and Fantasio ), Morris ( Lucky Luke ), Turk / Bob de Groot ( Robin aus dem Wald , Percy Pickwick ) or Raoul Cauvin / Willy Lambil ( The Blue Boys ).

José Luis Munuera 2019 at the Munich Comic Festival

Comic books

All series appear in Germany at Carlsen Comics :

  • The Potamoks (Joann Sfar / José Luis Munuera)
  • Merlin (Joann Sfar / José Luis Munuera / José-Luis Morvan (since 2002))
  • The Chronicles of Sillage (José Luis Morvan / José Luis Munuera / Philippe Buchet / Bengal)
  • Nävis (Jean-David Morvan / José Luis Munuera)
  • Spirou and Fantasio (Jean-David Morvan / José Luis Munuera, Vol. 45-48)
  • The sign of the moon (Enrique Bonet / José Luis Munuera)
  • Cyclotrope (offshoots of Spirou and Fantasio , so far 3 volumes)

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