Josef Niederprüm

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Josef Niederprüm (born April 1, 1891 in Bitburg ; † June 6, 1954 there ) was a German politician.


Niederprüm attended high school and then learned the profession of banker, this happened in Trier, Cologne and Frankfurt am Main, among others. In 1907 he came to Bitburger Creditverein, the forerunner of Volksbank Bitburg . After completing his training in Trier , Cologne and Frankfurt am Main and taking part in military service in World War I , he took over the management of the Bitburger Creditverein in 1924. In 1926 he married Josefine Cleven.

In 1929 Niederprüm moved into the Bitburg city council. He was a member of the Stahlhelm for a time , but gave up membership through incorporation into the SA . Because of his political stance, he was interrogated several times by the Gestapo and was arrested in the meantime before his seat in the city council was withdrawn. During the war , he and his family fled to the Moselle .

After the US invasion, Niederprüm was appointed provisional district administrator for the Bitburg district on May 7, 1945 . Some foreign workers from Luxembourg gave the Americans the name Niederprüms and referred to him as a Nazi opponent. Niederprüm lost the office of district administrator after four months, and the French appointed Albert Gilles as his successor. In 1946 Niederprüm was elected to the Bitburg city council and so returned to local politics. A short time later he was appointed honorary mayor of the city of Bitburg, he held the office until 1949, and retained his seat on the city council until his death. He was also a member of the Advisory State Assembly of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate for the CDP , the predecessor of the CDU , in 1946/47 . In addition, he participated in the reconstruction of the Bitburger Creditverein and acted as its bank director.


Shortly after his death, the street Am Limbourgshof in Bitburg's old town was renamed Josef-Niederprüm-Straße .

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