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Michael Wilhelm Heinrich Dagobert Borchert (* 8. September 1833 in Mroczen ; † 26. November 1882 in Berlin - Pankow ) was a Prussian district administrator and Government .

Life and origin

Borchert was a son of the rent master and domain councilor Heinrich Borchert and his wife, geb. Kowalski. After attending a grammar school in Bromberg from 1846 to 1852, he then studied law in Berlin and Heidelberg by 1855 . After completing a year of military service from 1854 to 1855, he passed his exams as auscultator at the Supreme Court and then at the Nakel Judicial Commission in October 1855 . At the District Court of Bydgoszcz he also took his legal traineeship in 1855 , after which he was appointed government clerk in January 1856. In 1857 he served as an officer in the Landwehr and on September 24, 1862, he passed his exam as an assessor , whereupon he became government assessor in the district of Bromberg on November 12, 1862 .

From 1865 he worked in the administration of the district office in the Inowroclaw district , which was followed in April 1867 by a temporary position as magistrate conductor in Goslar . In March 1869 he was appointed provisional district administrator for the district of Thorn , then in June 1870 he worked as an unskilled worker in the Prussian Ministry of the Interior, and from 1870/71 he took part in the Franco-German War as a voluntary nurse. With a rescript dated March 20, 1871, he was appointed provisional district administrator of the Bitburg district, which was followed by the takeover of official business on April 22, 1871 and finally on July 1, 1872, the definitive appointment as district administrator. On July 24, 1877, he was appointed to the government council (with a decree of October 17, 1877), and he took up office in the Poznan government on January 1, 1878. On October 1, 1880, he was transferred to the Arnsberg government , where September 1882 was retired for health reasons, due to mental illness.

Borchert was considered a bitter opponent of the so-called ultramontane burrowing” .


Borchert was in Breslau since 1867 with Leopoldine von Schramm (born August 29, 1839 in Bromberg, † after 1920), married.


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