Cabinet Teemant II

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The cabinet Teemant II formed from July 23, 1926 to March 4, 1927 the government of the Republic of Estonia under the state elder Jaan Teemant .


The Teemant government was officially the 14th government of the Republic of Estonia since independence was proclaimed in 1918. It remained in office for 226 days.

From 15 to 17 May 1926 the elections for the 3rd legislative period of the Estonian parliament ( Riigikogu ) took place. Jaan Teemant then formed his second cabinet.

The government consisted of representatives of the Põllumeeste Kogud (Association of Farmers, PK), the Kristlik Rahvaerakond (Christian People's Party, KRE), the Eesti Rahvaerakond (Estonian People's Party, ER), the Asunikud Party , riigirentnikud ja väikepõllupidajad (“Settlers and small farmers “) And the Üleriikline Majaomanikkude Seltside Liit (National Union of House Owners, ÜMSL).


Department Surname Term of office Political party
State Elder Jaan Teemant 07/23/1926 - 03/04/1927 PK
Foreign minister Friedrich Karl Akel 07/23/1926 - 03/04/1927 KRE
Interior minister Heinrich Laretei 07/23/1926 - 11/12/1926 ARV
Minister of the Interior (executive)    Jaan Soots 11/12/1926 - 03/04/1927    PK
Minister of Agriculture Oskar Koester 07/23/1926 - 03/04/1927 ARV
Minister of Education Jaan Lattik 07/23/1926 - 03/04/1927 KRE
Labor and Social Affairs Minister Otto Tief 07/23/1926 - 03/04/1927 ARV
Minister of Justice Johan Sepp 07/23/1926 - 03/04/1927 ÜMSL
Finance minister Leo Sepp 07/23/1926 - 03/04/1927 independent   
Minister of War Jaan Soots 07/23/1926 - 03/04/1927 PK
Minister of transport August Kerem 07/23/1926 - 03/04/1927 HE
Trade and Industry Minister    Karl-Ferdinand Kornel    07/23/1926 - 03/04/1927 HE

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