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Kenneth "Ken" Lipper (born June 19, 1941 ) is an American investment banker , politician and a prominent figure in the US in the field of art, finance and politics. He was Vice Mayor of New York under Mayor Ed Koch . At the 1999 Academy Awards , he won an Oscar for best full-length feature film The Last Days in his role as a film producer . Lipper is also the author of the novels Wall Street and City Hall , which he wrote the screenplay for. He was also the producer of the feature films Wall Street , City Hall and The Winter Guest .


Born the son of a shoe salesman from the Bronx , Lipper received his bachelor's degree from Columbia University , his JD from Harvard Law School , his LL.M. from New York University and studied law and economics at the University of Paris . He was then a partner in a law firm in Wall Street and then from 1969 to 1975 employee and partner of the investment bank Lehman Brothers and from 1976 to 1982 managing director and partner of the investment bank Salomon Brothers , before he rose to the position of Deputy Mayor of New York in 1983, where he was was responsible for budget, taxes and economic development.

In the late 1980s, Lipper founded the securities firm Lipper & Company, which quickly grew in size and in 1992 was ranked 13th as the largest investment bank and asset management company. Lipper is also chairman of the board of directors of Lippmann Enterprises LLC, a cosmetics company. As a visiting professor at the Columbia School of International Affairs in the international economics sector, he taught for many years and was also a member of the school council.

After Lipper got into trouble with his company and talked about securities fraud (oversubscription of two hedge funds ), Lipper liquidated the company and nearly a decade of legal battles with investors who claimed Lipper knew about the fraud ensued. In November 2011, a judge acquitted him of all wrongdoing and awarded him approximately $ 14 million in damages. Before that, however, Lipper had invested millions in fines and litigation. In 2013, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo confirmed Lipper as a member of the Board of Commissioners , the New York and New Jersey Port Authority .

Lipper is also the co-founder and editor of a biography series by Lipper Viking Penguin, which has published 24 books in several languages ​​and countries.

Lipper was also successful with his novel Wall Street , which he adapted to Oliver Stone 's award-winning film of the same name. He attended the filming as a technical consultant and had a cameo . His experience, which he gained while working as a politician, was the inspiration for the 1996 film City Hall with Al Pacino , for which he wrote the script and acted as a producer and rewrote the script in the Roman City Hall . In 1996 he discussed his novel and the film City Hall with Charlie Rose .

On behalf of his mother, Sally Lipper, Lipper awarded scholarships to Harvard, Columbia, Princeton and the Israeli Weizmann Institute . In 1994, Lipper also awarded $ 3,200,000 gifted Harvard grants to set up a chair in Holocaust studies. Since Harvard did not want to meet the conditions, Lipper transferred the money to Harvard Medical School .

Lipper, who was married to Evelyn Gruss, a pediatrician and daughter of an oil and gas tycoon, from 1966 to 2000, is divorced and has four children. He lives in a town house in Greenwich Village that was built by architect Didi Pei, son of IM Pei.

Filmography (selection)

  • 1987: Wall Street (as a technical advisor and cameo)
  • 1996: City Hall (as screenwriter and producer)
  • 1997: The Winter Guest (as producer)
  • 1998: The Final Days ( The Last Days , as a producer)


At the Academy Awards in 1999 , Kenneth Lipper and James Moll received an Oscar in the category “Best Documentary (Long Form)” for the film The Last Days , which deals with the subject of the Holocaust and the persecution of Jews in the Third Reich .

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