Kenosha Maroons

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Kenosha Maroon
Founded in 1924
Disbanded in 1924
Gambled in Kenosha , Wisconsin

National Football League (1924-1924)

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  • Kenosha Maroon (1924-1924)
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The Kenosha Maroons were a football team that played in the National Football League in 1924 . The Maroons were based in Kenosha , Wisconsin .


Several successful amateur and semi-professional teams had formed in Kenosha before the First World War. After the Toledo Maroons had to cease playing, the city of Kenosha acquired the rights for an NFL team in mid-September 1924. General Manager George Johnson signed several local heroes and ex-college players through September.

The Maroons played their first game after only a week of training on October 4, 1924 against the Frankford Yellow Jackets . They lost 6:31. They then played against the Milwaukee Badgers , which they were defeated 0:21. The Maroons then played their first home game against the Hammond Pros , who had also lost their first two games. The game ended in a 6-6 draw. Despite an Indian summer , only 1000 spectators came to the game instead of the expected 3000 to 5000.

After a 0:32 away defeat against the Duluth Kelleys , the Maroons expected their next home game against the non-NFL playing Waukegan Elks . The two cities had a 20-year rivalry. After the game was first relocated to Waukegan due to the poor attendance at the Hammond game , it was ultimately canceled completely because the Elks played a play-off game in their league . As a result, the Maroons canceled all their home games and now wanted to end their season away. On November 9, 1924, the Maroons played their last game against the Buffalo Bisons , which they lost 0:27. A planned game against the Racine Legion in the following week was canceled by Racine, as they classified Kenosha as too weak opponents. On November 19, 1924, Johnson announced that all Maroons players had been fired and the franchise would be discontinued.

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