Brooklyn Dodgers (NFL)

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The Brooklyn Dodgers were a US American football team , in the National Football League played (NFL).

Team history

In 1930 bought Bill Dwyer and the American football player Jack Depler for 2,500 US dollars , the sports franchise of the Dayton Triangles and founded in New York City , the Brooklyn Dodgers. The name of the team was based on the name of the Brooklyn Dodgers , a baseball team from Major League Baseball . Both teams played at Ebbets Field . Depler also acted as head coach for the Dodgers. A satisfactory first season in 1930, during which the team won seven of twelve games and lost four times, was set against a poor season in 1931. Twelve out of 14 games were lost. In addition to the poor athletic performance, there were financial problems. After the season, Benny Friedman , who later became a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, was the team's new player-coach. In terms of sport, things didn't go any better with him either and Friedman had to give up his position as coach again, although he remained a member of the team. The team had made a loss of US $ 35,000 in the past few years and the two owners sold the Dodgers to the two New York Giants football players Shipwreck Kelly and Chris Cagle for US $ 25,000 . Both also appeared as players for the Dodgers.

The team remained unsuccessful in sport until 1933. By 1939, the Dodgers had also drawn attention on television . Their game against the Philadelphia Eagles on October 22nd was the first television broadcast of a football game. The Dodgers won 23:14. Only with the engagement of Jock Sutherland , who coached the Dodgers in 1940 and 1941, did the team's performance improve. In both years you only just failed to get into the NFL championship game. Starting in 1942, World War II troubled the Brooklyn team . The number of spectators left a lot to be desired and it was difficult to find suitable players. In 1944, the team, now renamed "Brooklyn Tigers", lost all ten games. In 1945 you were forced to enter into a syndicate with the Boston Yanks . After this season, the team stopped playing. Numerous Tigers players were accepted by the newly formed team of the New York Yankees , which was part of the newly formed All-America Football Conference (AAFC). The AAFC also formed a team called the Brooklyn Dodgers .

Members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Other well-known players

Table stands

year victory defeat draw Standings Trainer
Brooklyn Dodgers 1930 7th 4th 1 4th Jack Depler
1931 2 12 0 9th Jack Depler
1932 3 9 0 6th Benny Friedman
1933 5 4th 1 2nd East McEwen cap
1934 4th 7th 0 3rd East McEwen cap
1935 5 6th 1 2nd East Paul J. Schissler
1936 3 8th 1 4th East Paul J. Schissler
1937 3 7th 1 4th East Potsy Clark
1938 4th 4th 3 3rd East Potsy Clark
1939 4th 6th 1 3rd East Potsy Clark
1940 8th 3 0 2nd East Jock Sutherland
1941 7th 4th 0 2nd East Jock Sutherland
1942 3 8th 0 4th East Mike Ghetto
1943 2 8th 0 4th East Pete Cawthon
Brooklyn Tigers 1944 0 10 0 5th East Pete Cawthon, Ed Kuhale , Frank Bridges
total 1930-1944 60 100 9

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