King Julien

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Television series
German title King Julien
Original title All Hail King Julien
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 2014-2017
DreamWorks Animation Television
length 22 minutes
Episodes 78 in 6 seasons
genre Children's series , comedy
Theme music Who Da King by Blaze N Vill
First broadcast December 19, 2014 (US) on Netflix
first broadcast
October 9, 2015 on Super RTL

King Julien (Original title: All Hail King Julien ) is an American computer animation series about the three lemurs from the Madagascar film franchise . It takes place before the first film and tells the story of the lemur king Julien in Madagascar . The video-on-demand provider Netflix published the first episodes in the United States on December 19, 2014. In Germany , the series premiered on October 9, 2015 on Super RTL .


Julien is the king of the lemurs in Madagascar , but he is often quite irresponsible in his role. Fortunately, he is supported by his friends Maurice, Mort, Flora and Timo. The lemurs are often in danger from the fossas .

main characters

  • King Julien: Julien is delighted to be King. He often completely overlooks the fact that this position also requires a lot of responsibility. But when in doubt, he can also be very compassionate.
  • Maurice: Maurice is the king's loyal advisor, but he often doubts his skills. With his mind he often helps Julien out of a fix.
  • Mort: Mort is Julien's biggest fan and would love to hug his feet, which Julien really displeases. Mort is also a bit simple-minded.
  • Flora: She's the king's bodyguard, but Julien thinks she sometimes takes her role a little too seriously. Her original name is Clover.
  • Timo: Timo lives in a bay where a lot of electronic devices have washed up. He is a technical genius, which Julien unfortunately often misuses.
  • William: He's Julien's uncle and the original king. He gave the crown to his nephew because he wanted to save himself from a dangerous situation. Now he often tries to get his post back.
  • Kiki: She's a toucan and often acts like a television reporter.


Role name Animal species Original speaker German speaker
King Julien Ring-tailed lemur Danny Jacobs Stefan Gossler
Maurice Finger animal Kevin Michael Richardson Roland Hemmo
Mort Mouse lemur Andy Richter Gerald Schaale
flora Crowned tarsier India de Beaufort Melanie Hinze
Uncle William Ring-tailed lemur Henry Winkler Jörg Hengstler
Timo Spiny trek David Krumholtz Dirk Stollberg
Kiki Toucan Betsy Sodaro Philine Peters-Arnolds
Brosalind Finger animal Kether Donohue Josefin Hagen

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