King of the Hill

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Television series
German title King of the Hill
Original title King of the Hill
Country of production United States
original language English
Year (s) 1997-2010
length 22 minutes
Episodes 259 in 13 seasons
genre Comedy
idea Greg Daniels
Mike Judge
music The refreshments
First broadcast January 12, 1997 (USA) on Fox
first broadcast
March 10, 2002 on MTV Germany

King of the Hill is a satirical American animated television series that ran on Fox from 1997 to 2009 . The series goes back to an idea by Beavis-and-Butt-Head creator Mike Judge .

The storyline revolves around the lives of propane salesman Hank Hill, his family and neighbors who live in the fictional Texas town of Arlen. The series takes up some current topics that are controversially discussed in the American public, such as sex education, racism, religious intolerance, sex, drugs, and gender roles. Mike Judge developed King of the Hill with Simpsons writer Greg Daniels . In doing so, he orientated himself on his former residence Garland , a suburb of Dallas.

King of the Hill was a huge hit right from the start in the United States and was at times the top-rated animated series. At the time of the cancellation, the series was one of the longest running cartoon series in the United States. In Germany, the series was broadcast by MTV and RTL 2. From July 3 to October 1, 2010, the cartoon series was shown in Germany on Comedy Central .

The series has been nominated for various awards and has won a number of them, including two Emmy Awards . TV critic Carina Chocano described King of the Hill as a "warm-hearted comedy" that dispenses with the tired sarcasm and pop culture references that would otherwise pass as comedy on television .


Hill family

Most of the characters depicted in the series are blue-collar families who live in a single-family housing estate in a small town. The focus is on Hank Hill, propane gas and accessories seller at Strickland Propane and a proud Texan. His wife Peggy is substitute teacher, freelance newspaper columnist and Boggle champion. Their son, Bobby, is a chubby boy who is a failure in sports and wants to be a comedian. He often does things that Hank finds unmanly.

Hank's friends

Hank's best friends are his neighbors Dale Gribble, Jeff Boomhauer, and Bill Dauterive. Gribble is a chain-smoking conspiracy theorist and gun freak. He is an exterminator by profession. His wife, the weather announcer Nancy, cheats on him with the naturopath John Redcorn and has a son, Joseph John Gribble, an athletic boy and Bobby's best friend. Dale Gribble is unaware of the affair and takes Joseph to be his biological son, although he looks very much like Redcorn.

Jeff Boomhauer is single, likes fast cars, and has many short-lived affairs with women. He's a quiet guy and usually mumbles something incomprehensible with a heavy southern accent. Bill Dauterive is an overweight hairdresser and sergeant in the US Army. He has been abandoned by his wife and is now interested in Peggy.

Hank often stands on the street in front of his house with his friends and drinks beer.

Souphanousinphone family

The Souphanousinphone family comes from Laos and lives right next to the hills. The systems analyst Kahn Souphanousinphone despises the “rednecks” of the neighborhood and often loudly lets them know. His wife, Minh, is often spiteful towards Peggy. The Souphanousinphones have high demands on their daughter Connie, Bobby's friend from time to time. She has to play the violin and is only allowed to bring home first-class grades. She is always called "Kahn Junior" by her father. He often claims that he would rather have had a son.

More figures

Luanne Platter is Peggy's niece. She is of college age and lives with the Hill family when the series begins. She is a student at the Beauty Academy and later at Junior College. Buckley is Luanne's friend, he works at Mega Lo Mart and died in a propane explosion while working.

Buck Strickland is the owner of Strickland Propane , a compulsive gambler and womanizer. His employee and lover, Debbie Grund, accidentally killed herself while attempting to murder Buck and his wife. Another employee, MF Thatherton, opened the fraudulent rival Thatherton Fuels Company across the street from Strickland .

Cotton Hill is Hank's father. A rough, sexist man who lost his shins in World War II, he is short and has a limping gait. He married his nurse and had a child with her named "Good" Hank.

Stuart Dolley and Clark Peters are Bobby's classmates and troublemakers.

Chuck Mangione is a character who was modeled on and spoken by a real person. He's a musician who touts Mega Lo Mart (adaptation of Wal-Mart ) until he's tired of going to every Mega Lo Mart opening. The company's slogan includes the title of his famous hit "Feels So Good."

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