It's all routine

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German title It's all routine
Original title Office space
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 1999
length 89 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Mike Judge
script Mike Judge
production Daniel Rappaport , Guy Riedel , Michael Rotenberg
music John Frizzell
camera Tim Suhrstedt
cut David Rennie

Alles Routine (original title Office Space ) is an American comedy film directed by Mike Judge from 1999.


Peter Gibbons works as a programmer for the software company Initech to prepare banking software for the year 2000 problem . His work colleagues are Samir Nagheenanajar, Michael Bolton and Milton Waddams, a constantly mumbling contemporary who can never get his way and is always pushed around by his boss Bill Lumbergh. Peter's relationship with Bill Lumbergh - Peter's department head, who mainly walks around with a coffee cup in hand - is strained, he also suffers from stress and burnout syndrome .

Peter and his girlfriend Anne turn to the hypnotherapist Dr. Swanson, who should allow him to relax. After the therapist suffered a heart attack during the session and was unable to get Peter out of hypnosis in time, Peter remains in a very relaxed state and decides to realize his dream - never work again, just do nothing. With a completely new self-confidence, he invites the waitress Joanna on a date and finally meets her.

Meanwhile, the two management consultants Bob Slydell and Bob Porter - Peter just called "the Bobs" - were commissioned to optimize Initech. To do this, they talk to the Initech employees to find out any weaknesses in the company. In their conversations with “the bobs”, all employees try to sell themselves as well as possible. Only Peter, who now only goes to work when he feels like it, doesn't mince his words and tells "the bobs" how senseless he finds his job and that he mostly does nothing.

The Bobs believe that because of his attitude towards his job, Peter is a perfect candidate for a leadership position in the company. Peter is then promoted to team leader against the will and against the support of Bill Lumbergh. His colleagues Samir and Michael, however, are fired. Milton is also due to be fired, but it turns out that his employment contract was terminated a long time ago, but the only thing that was forgotten was to notify both Milton and Human Resources. The Bobs and Lumbergh then decide to only inform the accounting department not to pay Milton's salary any more, so as not to give him an explicit notice, but to let "the problem" take care of itself.

In order to get revenge on Initech, Peter, Samir and Michael decide to smuggle a computer virus into the banking software and in future to automatically transfer the interest accruing for every transfer - fractions of a cent each time - to their own account. Due to a programming error in the virus, $ 305,326.13 was transferred to the account in a single day. The three friends are certain that the lack of such a large sum will be noticed and they will end up in prison. Peter decides to take responsibility and writes a letter in which he confesses that he wrote the virus and inserted it into the banking software. Together with travelers checks for the amount stolen, he slides the letter under the office door of his boss Lumbergh and then says goodbye to his friends and neighbors in the expectation that he will be arrested shortly.

It turns out differently, however, when Milton - who knew nothing about the matter - goes to Lumbergh's office to reclaim the stapler he had previously stolen from Lumbergh . Instead of Lumbergh, however, he finds the envelope with Peter's letter and travelers checks. Milton then realizes the threat he has repeatedly expressed during the film, but never taken seriously, and sets the building on fire. The subsequent fire destroys both the entire building and all computers as well as the virus contained on it and thus all evidence against Peter.

After the fire, Samir and Michael start new jobs as programmers, while Peter finds his dream job as a construction worker, together with his neighbor Lawrence. Milton, on the other hand, moves to Mexico with the money and lives there.


James Berardinelli wrote on ReelViews that the satirical portrayal of office life should only serve as a backdrop. He praised the acting performances of Ron Livingston, David Herman and Ajay Naidu.

Roger Ebert praised the dialogues in the Chicago Sun-Times on February 19, 1999.


The film was nominated for the Satellite Award in 2005 in two categories .


  • The film was shot in Texas and Florida . Its production cost an estimated 10 million US dollars . It grossed $ 10.8 million in US cinemas.
  • The film has an age rating of FSK 12 in Germany and R in the USA (Restricted: under 17 years only when accompanied by an adult)

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