Kraichgau church district

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Evangelical church district Kraichgau
Regional Church: Evangelical Church in Baden
Church district : North Baden
Parishes : 46
Parishes : 28
Parishioners: about 50,000
Dean : Christiane Glöckner-Lang
Address of the
Dean's Office :
Pfarrstrasse 5
74889 Sinsheim, Germany
Website: ev-kirchen

The Evangelical Church District Kraichgau (also Evangelical Dean's Office Kraichgau ) is one of 24 church districts or deaneries of the Evangelical Church in Baden . It belongs to the parish of North Baden and comprises 46  parishes with 28 parishes.


The Evangelical Church District Kraichgau was formed on January 1, 2005 by merging the two church districts Eppingen-Bad Rappenau and Sinsheim.



The evangelical church district Kraichgau is divided into the following 46 parishes : Adelshofen, Adersbach, Angelbachtal, Babstadt, Bad Rappenau, Bargen, Berwangen, Daisbach, Dühren, Ehrstädt, Elsenz, Epfenbach, Eppingen, Eschelbach, Eschelbronn, Flinsbach, Gemmingen, Grombach, Hasselbach , Heinsheim, Helmhof, Helmstadt, Hilsbach, Hoffenheim, Ittlingen, Kirchardt, Mühlbach, Mühlhausen, Neckarbischofsheim, Neidenstein, Obergimpern, Reichartshausen, rows, Richen, Rohrbach a. G., Rohrbach / Snh., Siegelsbach, Sinsheim, Spechbach, Stebbach, Steinsfurt, Tairnbach, Treschklingen, Untergimpern, Waibstadt, Waldangelloch, Weiler, Wollenberg and Zuzenhausen.

organization structure

The ecclesial communities of the church district Kraichgau own the rights to a public body , that is, they are contrary to parishes as parishes designated. A parish council is elected every six years in the respective parishes. This administers the parish together with the supervising pastor. Usually several parishes are looked after by one parish office . The parishes receive allocations from the Evangelical Church in Baden in accordance with the statutory provisions on financial equalization.

Demographic and socio-spatial structure

The evangelical church district of Kraichgau is geographically located between Stromberg in the south, Odenwald in the north, Neckar in the east and the Rhine plain in the west. The church district is roughly the size of the old Sinsheim district until the district reform in the early 1970s and is integrated into the three metropolitan areas of Heidelberg / Mannheim , Karlsruhe and Heilbronn / Stuttgart .

The church district borders in the north on the church district Neckargemünd-Eberbach , in the north-east on the church district Mosbach , in the south-west on the church district Bretten-Bruchsal and in the west on the church district Südliche Kurpfalz .

Around 50,000 Protestant Christians live in the 46 parishes with branch and diaspora locations in the district. These are looked after by 28 parish priests.

The church district belongs to the Evangelical Church of Baden, based in Karlsruhe, and to the North Baden Prelature, based in Mannheim .

Ecumenical cooperation

In the area of ​​ecumenical cooperation, the Roman Catholic dean's office in Kraichgau includes parts of the Protestant church district of Kraichgau.

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