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Klaus Schöning (* 1936 in Rastenburg , Masuria ) is a German radio play author and director . Until 2001 he was editor-in-chief of the acoustic art studio of the WDR, which he set up .


Klaus Schöning studied theater and literature, philosophy and journalism at the universities in Munich, Göttingen and Berlin, before going to the Westdeutscher Rundfunk in Cologne after three years at the theater . Since 1968 he has built up the WDR-3-HörSpielStudio there, which has been one of the centers of international Ars Acustica since 1991 under the name Studio Akustische Kunst . Klaus Schöning teaches as an honorary professor at the Art Academy for Media in Cologne .

Schöning was the initiator and jury member of the WDR's Prix ​​Ars Acustica, which is awarded every three years . Schöning was also first chairman of the Ars Acustica working group of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), member of the media advisory board of the Goethe Institute and artistic director of the Acustica International Sound Art Festivals in Cologne, New York, Montreal, Copenhagen and San Francisco.


Klaus Schöning has written more than 20 radio plays, including a. the tetralogy The four elements in acoustic art (1999–2005). His essayistic programs portrayed a. a. James Joyce , Mauricio Kagel , Eric Satie and John Cage , on whose 75th birthday he was born on 14./15. February 1987 broadcast a 24-hour radio homage, NachtCageTag.

As a director, he staged plays by Ernst Jandl , Helmut Heißenbüttel , Friederike Mayröcker and Gerhard Rühm . In 1977 he adapted Orson Welles ' radio play War of the Worlds from 1938.

Klaus Schöning has published several anthologies on the forms and theory of the “New Radio Play”.

Radio plays

  • 1977 War of the Worlds according to Orson Welles (WDR)
  • 1999 The four elements in acoustic art (1st episode: Aqua) , directed by the author (SWF)
  • 2002 Ryôan-Ji or The Gardens of Void / Just to rolywholyover. Voice composition (Deutschlandradio Kultur)
  • 2004 The four elements in acoustic art (2nd episode: Terra) , directed by the author (SWF)
  • 2004 The four elements in acoustic art (3rd episode: Aer - Vom Klang der Luft) , directed by the author (SWF)
  • 2005 The four elements in acoustic art (4th episode: Ignis - Feuer) , directed by the author (SWF)

Radio play direction (selection)



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