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Club for Terriers from 1894 e. V.
purpose Dog breeding
Chair: Xaver Schmid
Establishment date: 1894
Number of members: about 10,000
Seat : Schöne Aussicht 9
65451 Kelsterbach
Website: www.kft-online.de

The Club for Terriers of 1894 (KfT) is a German dog breeding association . It was founded in Munich in 1894 as a club for wire-haired terriers and was a founding member of the cartel of the studbook-keeping special clubs for hunting and utility dogs , the forerunner of the Association for the German Canine System (VDH). The club has been based in Kelsterbach, Hesse, since 1951 . According to its own information, it has around 10,000 members. The club's chairmen are Xaver Schmid and Ursula Anders. The KfT is a member of the VDH and thus indirectly also a member of the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI).

In the Club for Terriers there are ten regional areas based on the postcode districts, which in turn consist of different local groups. They organize regular dog shows , where the 29 breeds looked after by the club are exhibited.

These breeds are: Airedale Terrier , Australian Silky Terrier , Australian Terrier , Bedlington Terrier , Border Terrier , Boston Terrier , Brazilian Terrier , Cairn Terrier , Dandie Dinmont Terrier , English Toy Terrier , Glen of Imaal Terrier , Irish Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier , Irish Terrier , Jack Russell Terrier , Japanese Terrier , Kerry Blue Terrier , Lakeland Terrier , Manchester Terrier , Norfolk Terrier , Norwich Terrier , Parson Russell Terrier , Russian Black Terrier , Scottish Terrier , Sealyham Terrier , Skye Terrier , Cesky Terrier (Czech Terrier), Welsh Terrier , West Highland White Terriers and Yorkshire Terriers .

On its website, KfT offers not only contact with breeders, but also the placement of puppies, young dogs and terriers in need as well as detailed breed portraits of the breeds it looks after. In addition, the respective breed standards of the FCI can be viewed, according to which the club breeds.

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