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Piston, schematic representation

In botany , a cob (often referred to as a spadix ) is an inflorescence or fruit cluster . It is characterized by a roller shape with a thickened main axis. The flowers and later the fruits sit directly on without a stem. If there is only a very short piston due to a slight increase in length, the difference to a head is fluid.

Examples can be found in maize , certain types of millet , calamus and arum plants .

Male and female pistons in cattails schematically

In the cattail genus , an upper section of the inflorescence is purely male and separated from the purely female inflorescence below by a species-specific long stem section. Both the male and female parts are thickened and called cobs (the female inflorescence can also be divided into two cobs), with the female being the more noticeable, thicker ones. The entire inflorescence is also referred to as a piston with male and female "piston parts". In the narrow-leaved cattail, the male piston is further subdivided into "partial pistons".

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